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- December 2013

After many years of playing guitar and writing songs, I finally decided to take it to the next level. My friend Bruce D. and I got together for the first time in 2003 and jammed for hours, recording some of the songs. Even though we had a great time, the recordings were not what we thought they were that night, but it got me started on the path to recording. That night Bruce said I was the person he felt most comfortable playing guitar with and told me the story about a band he saw once. He said that the band sounded very bad when they started playing, and as the jam progressed, they sounded even worse. Bruce said, "those guys were so bad, they wouldn't even get hired to play at Cafe Peyote!" This, my first recording project, is in memory of that night, the fun we had, the dreams that came alive. I hope you enjoy my music and that we will one day see each other when I begin playing professionally. Thanks for your friendship. 

- July 2007

It's been four years now, and after 37 songs it is clear that my music has a message that must be heard. It is about the past, our present and what lays ahead, both in a material and spiritual sense. Café Peyote now has a more profound meaning. One is human, as we are living in a nightmare of war and conquest; the other is spiritual, as life as most people know it is an ilusion, only a glimps of reality. There is life far beyond what we physically perceive each day! There are only three types of persons in this world: those that don't believe in a spiritual life, those that do believe out of faith but have never experienced it, and those that believe because they have crossed that boundary. I hope that you fall in either of the last two groups, as there is much to do, and we all need to get involved, before there is no turning back. EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON US! With Love

- October 2011

The opportunity has presented itself, Occupy Wall Street has become Occupy America, if not beyond. The 60's are back. Surely this is the time to win our freedom back. Let's all be a part of it, with sincere thought, respect and with courage.

September 2015

Our life and freedom are being attacked from all fronts: (1) mandatory vaccines with resulting autism rates increasing every day [now 1-62], (2) GMO crops pushed on the masses, (3) clandestine aerial spraying of toxic chemicals, (4) weather modification programs disrupting micro and macro climates, (5) practitioners of proven effective non-orthodox cancer treatments being prosecuted, (6) sellers of products that cure cancer threatened and jailed, (7) the whole Middle East maintained in chaos, governments illegally overthrown or forced to submit to US/UN rule, (8) the United Nations applying Agenda 21 globally for confiscation of property and control of all human activity, (9) a fictitious "climate change/global warming" agenda being used to close the circle of control and directly or by implication ushering the beginning of The New World Order, (10) application of advanced technology for mind control of the masses through smart meters, cell towers, whether and communication systems [including HAARP], electronic devices, spraying of Smart Dust [self-replicating nano technology particles/artifacts entering our bodies and the environment], (11) elite global control of financial institutions by manipulating all markets, destroying economies and people's lives, (12) the government illegally intercepting all communications, everyone being tracked, and (13) what appears to be an agenda to reduce the population of the world in significant numbers through sterilization, disease, famine and war.

And when will it all stop or will we be able to see the end of this -- NEVER, IF WE PERSONALLY DON'T GET INVOLVED AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

This is an attack on humanity. Nothing less ...

Ricardo Beas

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