1. Johnny's Song

From the recording Johnny's Song


Ricardo Beas 2006 ©

We were sitting in the couch, I turned the TV on
It was the story of a man like most we’ve seen before
He fell in love from the moment she appeared in his life
And he was sure she’d be with him, always by his side
Another story, another tale of love

It’s not easy finding words to tell you how I feel
To open up my heart and leave it vulnerable to you
To decide if I am worth spending all your life
No matter what you choose today, I’ll be happy with your choice

Because my love for your is real
And I’m happy being here today with you

I’m always saying silly thing
To try to make you laugh
To me you’re everything I need
I hope you feel as I
We were meant to live together
I would never trade my life
I will follow you forever
Just tell me what you want

Tell me that you feel the same
Whisper in my ear and say
I’m happy here

Looking back I remember just ten years or so
I played guitar for you and sang
The park was all we knew
And you stared at me for hours
I was everything to you
Then we lay next to each other
And you looked into my soul

Then I took you in my arms
You held me very tight
Your face was next to mine
And your silent lips said it all