From the recording You Are Nature's Child


Oct 2013 © By Ricardo Beas 2011

You are nature’s child
Trying to find the way
If you’re nature’s child
Care for mother earth
I see it all
The beauty is there
I saw the light of God
Reflected in the sand and sea

Then I recalled
The wonders that I’ve seen
From gardens to forest
And infants
Next to birds and streams

There is so much
That we’ve been given to oversee

After all
This might be our home
for a good part of eternity
So let’s set a date
To talk of what to change
Only then will Mother Nature
Claim us a the child
That was destined to take care of Her

A place where every living thing
Can flower
To become
What it was meant to be

You are nature’s child – Trying to find a way