From the recording That's Simply Life


<address><span style="font-style: normal;"><span style="font-size: medium;">Far away as my eyes can see<br />Beauty lies right in front of me<br />Children play and smile at everyone<br />They don&rsquo;t know that soon the day will come<br />&nbsp;<br />When they&rsquo;ll be alone<br /><strong>To face what&rsquo;s to come on their own<br /></strong>So here is my advice, it&rsquo;s up to them to decide<br />&nbsp;<br />You&rsquo;ll have to take responsibility<br />If you are to determine what you&rsquo;ll be<br />It won&rsquo;t be easy if you don&rsquo;t try<br />Nothing is free, you&rsquo;ll soon learn why<br />&nbsp;<br />That&rsquo;s simply life, it never, never stops (4)<br /><strong>No one has a free ride (2)<br /></strong><strong>&nbsp;<br /></strong>And so the years went by<br />I grew to see that it was true<br />That nothing is as easy as it seems<br />&nbsp;<br />We have to struggle hard<br />Sometimes we face deadlines<br />And yet we always seem to make it right on time<br />And that&rsquo;s simply life &ndash; it never, never stops<br />&nbsp;<br />And then we saw the fire come<br />It could be any house &ndash; even mine<br />We saw it all in flames<br />I wondered who&rsquo;d be next<br />And then it came to me<br />&nbsp;<br />No matter how hard we try<br />We cannot change what is to come<br />We simply ride it out<br />And hope that we&rsquo;ll survive<br />&nbsp;<br />My life is set in stone<br />And I will carry on, to meet my destiny</span></span></address>