From the recording That's Simply Life


That’s Simply Life
Ricardo Beas 2006 ©

Far away as my eyes can see
Beauty lies right in front of me
Children play and smile at everyone
They don’t know that soon the day will come

When they’ll be alone
To face what’s to come on their own
So here is my advice, it’s up to them to decide

You’ll have to take responsibility
If you are t determine what you’ll be
It won’t be easy if you don’t try
Nothing is free, you’ll soon learn why

That’s simply life, it never, never stops (4)
No one has a free ride (2)

And so the years went by
I grew to see that it was true
That nothing is as easy as it seems

We struggle hard
Sometimes we face deadlines
And yet we always seem to make it right on time
And that’s simply life – it never, never stops

And then I saw the fire come
It could be any house – even mine
We saw it all in flames
We wondered who’d be next
And then it came to me

No matter how hard you try
You cannot change what is to come
You simply ride it out
And hope that you’ll survive

My life is set in stone
And I will carry on, to meet my destiny