From the recording Break The Chains And Occupy


Copyright 2011

The sun came out and the day began
And we weren’t really sure
If we would find some peace inside
To drive us through the day

We want to live
To see our children really be free
Having their dreams
But we’ll have to fight with all we can give

Break the Chains and Occupy (6)

Our strings were pulled, the puppeteers
Won’t let us be
They force us to live in a cage
Of doubt and fear

We have to break the chains
Ignore the crumbs they left for us to sweep
Don’t confuse liberty
With the toys you have to play
While they are getting stronger every day

Break the chains and occupy (3)

The menace to all
Is the ignorance we have of everything
If we don’t fight today
Tomorrow will be – it will be to late
Break the chains and occupy (3)