1. The Common Law

From the recording The Common Law


Copyright 2010

This is not a dream that you will wake up from
Everything you see is really happening
Read the news, piece together everything
And you’ll see
Common sense is telling you that all their words
Are lies

They take away our freedom through the Patriot Act
They make it sound like its really good for us
But simply read the document
They got us by the balls
And nothing you can say will change anything
Unless you stand up for your rights
Forget the Constitution
The Common Law is the way to fight

We have been conditioned to believe
That government can regulate our behavior
But do you remember free will?
That is reflected in the Common Law
The right to proceed as you wish
So long as your actions don’t harm others
So find out what it is
Invoke it in your filings in court
Government can only regulate that which it creates
Like corporations; don’t be deceived
Let’s win our freedom back
Oh, and I wrote this song on the 4th of July

The law did not begin simply yesterday
Precedence takes it back centuries
And your Natural Nights
Existed then as well as now
It’s not only Habeas Corpus
The Magna Carta comes to mind