1. You Decide

From the recording You Decide


Ricardo Beas 2007 ©

(Part 1: GOOD AND BAD)
There’s good and bad but never in between
You always know exactly what the right thing is
Don’t tell me that you didn’t understand
You’ve made your choice and now it’s yours
From now on that will determine who you are
Do you really know?

Defeated are those that run and hide
Success if for those who don’t give up
But exactly what is it that you want
Is it only money or is there more to life?
You have to make up your mind

So don’t come to me and give me any bull
I had my share, and it was hard but it was good
Because now I know and no one can fool me
But they’re coming straight for you
You’ll soon see, they want everything

We really let it get out of hand
Placed our trust in other men so we could go and play

The land of the free is no more
Too many regulations and every day they add more
Without us knowing we are helping in our fall

If you don’t like what your neighbor does take him to court
How could he dare to make your life uncomfortable?
America has lost its tolerance for the rest of the world

If only I could draw a picture of a perfect world
I’d make sure that everyone had an opportunity to grow

There wouldn’t be injustice for any one at all
No one would stand still if they saw their brother fall

Is it really hard to understand
That we all need love as much as anyone?

If only I could draw the face of God
I’d see every single human being, no one left behind
We have to make a change, maybe make some sacrifice
Don’t do it for you and me, do it for those that will come
They will inherit what we leave behind