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  1. Stay With Me

From the recording Stay With Me


<address>Morning began that day</address><address>And your scent was in the air</address><address>But you weren&rsquo;t next to me</address><address>I wondered where you were</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>Looking outside I saw you sitting in your chair</address><address>Holding a picture while smiling musingly</address><address>My Life is meaningless if you&rsquo;re not there</address><address>Stay with me</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>And I got close and saw the picture in your hand</address><address>It was the one we took the day we fell in love</address><address>We&rsquo;ve lived so many days in perfect harmony</address><address>And I can&rsquo;t wait to see what tomorrow will bring</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>My life is meaningless if your not there</address><address>Stay with me</address><address>There&rsquo;s still so much to share</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>I go to bed at night You&rsquo;re laying in your robe</address><address>And then we pray to God For another day to come</address><address>If only we could spread the joy we feel inside</address><address>The world would be a place where no one had to cry</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>&nbsp;</address><address>My life is meaningless if your not there</address><address>You&rsquo;re the reason I wake up every day</address><address>Stay with me</address><address>Help me spread the word to everyone</address>