From the recording I Want To Be With You


Ricardo Beas © 2007

Tell me please how was your day
I really want to know
Mine was fine, a little problem
But it isn’t anymore

But I don’t want to talk of work
Because I’m sitting next to you
And all I’m thinking of
I want to be with you
You’re so beautiful

I never stop to be amazed
By what I see in you
You’re like a child
You live in a world
Always full of joy

What did I do to deserve you?
I’m strong because of you
And I can’t stop and think
I want to be with you
You’re so beautiful

You’ve turn my life around
And some may wonder how
This love of ours has survived

It has survived through all these years
And we sure are trying hard
We don’t want to be apart

So many things to see
And you’ll be there with me
Oh, yes, yes, yes
You’ll be there with me