1. Consumer Joe

From the recording Consumer Joe


Ricardo Beas – © Copyright 2006

This is all a material world, we want to have it all
We work very hard to give it away

We don’t know what we’re doing
Loosing focus of what’s going on
They have control of our minds

Buy one get two, pay as you can
In debt for the rest of your life
It doesn’t matter
As long as you can buy the next fade

The mail box is full, but the forests are gone
Who cares about our children
If they’re going to survive
Not tonight, every thing is alright

Don’t pretend, Don’t fool yourself
It’s happening right before your eyes
Turn your TV off tonight
Leave your precious things behind

You have to take a stand and face it like a man

Turn around, you see the light
It shines right in your face – what’s there to buy?

Go ahead and grab it now
The price is right, it’s flying off the shelves

We don’t need so much to live
We can’t even close the closet door

Put a TV dinner in my bag for lunch
Did you know they’re good for you?
These labels don’t lie, they never, never lie
Hey look, only 50 calories, I’ll take six