From the recording Tribute To The King


Ricardo Beas 2006 ©

The sky has cleared I see the sun
It’s light reflects in me a lonely town
I wonder whom I’ll see inside
Will it be a man or a child that was just born?

No greeting was in need
We knew exactly how they died
Like soldiers overseas
They die, their young
We cry, this war goes on

I’m back again, we need to talk
This time I won’t hide my words like I did before
You have to know; everything is wrong

I’ll make it clear; I’ll spell it out
But clear your mind and question everyone
Forget what you’ve been taught
You’ll come to understand it all

I guarantee you’ll change
Your life will never be the same

You see it every day
The world is getting worse
The man in power have become a disgrace

You read the paper
Corruption is at its best
And yet so many think
That things can’t get any worse
But time will prove them wrong

They’re destroying everything that stands in their way
Catastrophe is all over, the plan is working great

They think they’re going to win
The odds are on their side
The day will come
When we’ll show them how we fight

Don’t bet on them - They’re going to lose - Again