From the recording Howard's Song To The People


Ricardo Beas 2006 ©

Blacks were enslaved, Indians betrayed
And Mexico was cut in half
The May came in and so did rule
But most were in seven-year servitude

All of them were screwed
Except the Governor

He had the land
Millions of fields
And had poor men fighting to death
For promises of food
It didn’t matter North or South
The profits kept on pouring in
To feed his greed

He wanted it all
So the masses were Corporized

Wall Street devours, it’s all a plan
To take it all away from me
Once they have you
They’ll close the door
So everything will be in their control

And history repeats itself
Year after year
He who has the gold is the one that rules

Don’t ask me what their names are
Just read the proper literature
And dig in history
A People’s History