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   -- Things Are Not What They Seem

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-- Professor/Activist Walter P. Mann III


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(not to be confused with "We The People" - the 1%)


Private Citizen Launches Action Plan to Demolish Mandatory Vaccines Ricardo Beas, a concerned citizen and parent of three school-age children in California, is determined to do the seemingly impossible. He has set out to shed so much light on the illegality and health hazards of mandatory vaccines that the vaccine lobby will be overruled by public opinion. Calling upon the First-Amendment’s right to petition for redress of grievances, Beas wrote an amazing 39-page document in the form of a petition that has the format of a legal document. It lists the grievances, shows how constitutional and civil law has been violated, and calls for the President of the United States to empower an official investigation of the charges and report to the public. It is anticipated that sufficient investigation (done by people and institutions that are financially independent of the pharmaceutical industry) and sufficient public awareness of the results of that investigation will lead to corrective political action.  People can do more than just be keyboard warriors. By participating in this action, which costs nothing but a few postage stamps, we can do something really meaningful. Today.”

G. Edward Griffin, Need To Know News

Profoundly beautiful and sensitive. I listen to the words of the Eleanor Rigby Song as if for the first time. The clarity of your voice and musician ship is astounding. The quality of each word is heartfelt as your voice reaches out to touch a life. This is a different type of protest, the protest of social isolation and social rejection that speaks to a world in need of more love. Thanks for being that messenger for both love and activism. Looking forward to playing this on the air!”

— Martin Eder, KNSJ Radio,

I wanted to let you know how wonderful your concert was last night at the Mission Trails Regional Park for KNSJ FM Radio in San Diego.  Your musicianship and songs are poignant, speak to the concern of people and are inspiring.  Your video Program companion was also very well done enjoyable and contained some interesting editing/technical "choreography."  What a  perfect setting for the concert--a venue of a park for the enjoyment of the people as a backdrop for your music  about the worth of "everyman." Thank you for you vision and words.”

— Marie Ida Johnson,

- I listened to your song "The Common Law" and was struck by your voice, the music, and the remarkable images that accompanied the song. The lyrics say so much. - (About the Song "Howard's Song To The People"): "Thank you so much for your song. My wife and I listened with pleasure. The lyrics are certainly appropriate. Best wishes."”

— Howard Zinn, Historian, political scientist, social critic

I loved your 1 person show! ... I totally appreciate what you are doing, how you do it, as well as the artistic content of it all. All that and multimedia projections too! Bravo!!!”

— Syd Stevens, Personal email after attending a live show