A Song In Spanish: MIRAME

My Tocayo has always told me that in life we always do what is better for our own interests first, and he may be right. 


But things don't always go the way we expect them or want them to happen, believe me!


In love sometimes it's the same. How many people could be married today not to their first choice, but to their second, if not fifth?


My new Spanish song, Mirame, is dedicated to those that were not the first choice.


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Look (this way), here I am
Think carefully about who I am.
I am desperate
And the night isn't over
I don't know what is happening
I am all by myself   
I remember those times
I can't forget them
And I cannot imagine myself all alone  
I don't know what I did
I don't know where I failed
Forgive me if I'm not him, him  
You tell me to forget the past
That everything has changed
Things can never be the same  
But I don't agree
I am in love
And that is what should count  
Love me again
Don't forget the past
Get close to me  
Maybe tomorrow will come 
Maybe everything will be the same
But remember that
Everything depends on you  
The sea of uncertainty
Is taking you in its current
Fight against it
And get close to me  
Convince yourself that I am
The man that you expected would come
For you  
Look at me (Mirame)

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