A Gift For You

Greetings everyone,


My recent article on my correspondence with Professor Noam Chomsky was written in memory of all the victims worldwide of the horrible event we call 9/11, which consequences were not a one day event, but  something everyone has been living with ever since, in one way or the other.


To help us remember just how horrible it was, we even had a warning for that special day about a possible terrorist attack, which was confirmed and not confirmed, both at the same time, just like how they had us going with colors shortly after 9/11.


I've been working on my second CD and the first song we produced was We Fail To See, which I believe is appropriate to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. You can download from the Music section.


Sometimes reality can be very obvious, once we remove the filters of external influence.


Best wishes to you and your loved ones.