Occupy Movement

Dear Friends,


The Occupy movement continues hard trying to do their best to organize and take concrete actions. On Black Friday weekend many called for a boycott on buying at large corporate stores. I wrote several of the groups to help and at least Occupy Portland added my video "Consumer Joe" to one of their blogs.


Occupy is being heavily targetted now in most cities by the police and are finding it hard to continue to coordinate this movement. I am pitching in. I wrote a song in 2006 called "Don't Confuse Liberty" and will offer it to the various Occupy entities as I was told by  PortlandOccupier.org staff that the movement was looking for an anthem, and the person I corresponded with loved the song. I added a chorus in the form of a chant and renamed the song to reflect the chant:   -- Break The Chains And OccupyThe cries you will hear are from the recent UC Davis pepper spray incident.


Also, please check out the Occupy San Diego webpage for news on what is happening locally and help where you can. Visit at least once.This is not their fight, it is everybody's fight!


Don't Do It For You and Me, Do It For Those That Will Come. They Will Inherit What We Leave Behind


                    -- You Decide, from Cafe Peyote


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