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   -- Things Are Not What They Seem

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-- Professor/Activist Walter P. Mann III


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Cafe Peyote - Let's Make Amends
Cafe Peyote - Howard's Song To The People 
Cafe Peyote - You Decide
Cafe Peyote - You Are Nature's Child
Cafe Peyote - Johnny's Song
Cafe Peyote - Eleanor Rigby
Cafe Peyote - In Heaven
Cafe Peyote - Break The Chains And Occupy
Cafe Peyote - We Have To Try
Cafe Peyote - We Fail To See
Cafe Peyote - That's Simply Life
Cafe Peyote - Obsessions Of The Mind (click +18)
Cafe Peyote - The Common Law
Cafe Peyote - Tribute to the King / Why?
Cafe Peyote - Remember When
Cafe Peyote - I Don't Know
Cafe Peyote - Consumer Joe
Cafe Peyote - I Want To Be With You
Cafe Peyote - Stay With Me
Cafe Peyote - They're Bombing Again Tonight
Cafe Peyote - Ven Aca
Cafe Peyote - En Mi mente Siempre Están
Cafe Peyote - Aelohim
Cafe Peyote - Mírame
Ricardo Beas - My Brother Is Alive 
-- Cafe Peyote - Complete CD-1 Playlist: Cafe Peyote
                      - CD-1 Instrumental   
-- Cafe Peyote - Complete CD-2 Playlist: Cafe Peyote "Tales of Humanity"
                      - CD-2 Instrumental
-- All Cafe Peyote Backing Tracks
-- Cafe Peyote - Freedom 101 - The Movie - 4 Part Playlist
                        - Instrumental Version 
-- Activist Playlist:
 OUR WORLD - Things You Should Consider
John F. Kennedy's Speach on Global Conspiracy
SuperPower: A review of American foreign Policy in the 20th Century
Noam Chomsky: The De Facto World Government
Psywar, the movie. In 8 parts
President George Bush Sr. on the New World Order
Aaron Russo Interview regarding the New World Order
Movie -- America: Freedom To Fascism
The Microchip - RFID: Radio Frequency Identification
The Amero
George Carlin Nails It - Education
911 -- Loose Change, the Movie, Second Edition
Forced Mass Vaccination - Part I
Vaccine Nation - The Movie
Fall of the Republic - The Movie
Psychiatry: An Industry Of Death -- 1/10
MMS - Jim Humble - Project Camelot Interview
DMSO - 60 Minutes Documentary, in three parts
Mercury and the Brain
The Royal Rife Story - scroll down on page
Zeitgeist III
The Empire of "The City"
The Arab Spring - F. William Engdahl
John Lennon: on Peace and Man 
Stan Meyer's Water Powered Buggy  
   - Stan's Diagrams for making the injector and full system
Troy Reed's Magnetic Motor 
(Note: These video links are often checked to ensure they are still available. If they are not, it is encouraged that you search YouTube using the reference provided)
Common Law Writ - Word
Common Law Writ - PDF
   -- Supplemental Document: Want of Jurisdiction
Letter to Pope Francis: Stop Chemtrails and Mandatory Vaccines
Letter to Pope Francis - Word 
SB 277 Exemption Letter/Affidavit - Template - PDF
SB 277 Exemption Letter/Affidavit - Template - Word
Letter to Gov. Brown and CA Senate in Opposition of SB 277
   -- Exhibits to Letter to Gov. Brown
Personal Vaccine Disclaimer - Ricardo Beas 
CA Mandatory Vaccine Box Inserts & Analysis
Vaccine Ingredients Listing
Physician's Warranty of Vaccine Safety
   -- refusal to sign Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Safety
Vaccine Exemption Form - Medical Association
Medical Doctor Request for Vaccine Exemption
MMS or CDS: A Question of Health
MMS & CDS - Spanish
Is Man Good Or Bad By Nature?
Lifting the Veil - A report on Government Mind Control, Cults and Murder
Our Natural Right To Possess And Use So Called "Illegal Drugs"
Clandestine Aerial Spraying - Chula Vista, CA 7/2015
La Raza Article in
Papal Bull 1493
Hammurabi's Code
Chief Seattle Letter to the President (1852)
The United States, Inc.
Globalization of the Financial Market
The Magna Carta
The Habeas Corpus Act 
Correspondence with Professor Noam Chomsky
The Pope, The Global Estate, Government & the Law
The Law - Walt P. Mann III, part 1
The Law - Walt P. Mann III, part 2
Common Law Writ - Ricardo Beas
Writ of Habeas Corpus - Mark Grenon - Word
Writ of Habeas Corpus - Mark Grenon - PDF
Writ of Habeas Corpus - Keri Rivera - Word
Writ of Habeas Corpus - Keri Rivera - PDF
Writ of Habeas Corpus - Jim Humble - Word
Writ of Habeas Corpus - Jim Humble - PDF
Unfiltered News - by G. Edward Griffin
(weekly newsletter provides you links to thought-provoking articles, both mainstream and otherwise, with the author's observations and opinion)
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