After president Bush Jr. took us to a war (massacre) against Iraq that his administration finally admitted did not have the weapons of mass destruction that justified the intervention, to many people it was a relief to see Barak Obama, from the opposite party (really?), come into power. Definitely if I had voted for either of them, I would have chosen Obama, in particular if my decision was based on mere presentation, style and looks (I voted for Sen. Ron Paul, and I am sorry to see you did not!).
Many promises from Obama. A big one? Stop the wars. And where are we now? Will he be remembered as the "Drone" president? How cynical it is that he was awarded the Novel Peace Prize, and he had less than a year in office. From Wikipedia:
"The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the award on October 9, 2009, citing Obama's promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a "new climate" in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world."
Libya, now Syria, drone attacks all over Africa; no doubt the people pulling the strings are getting desperate; after all, the full control of the world through financial manipulation and with the emblem of "Democracy and brotherhood" has been brewing for centuries and there is no better time (especially through technological innovation) than now to do a final decisive strike.
When you hear the mainstream media "explaining to you" what is going on in Syria, they begin by trying to convince us that they are simply neutral parties in the arguments for and against. Yet all their words are calculated to take us to one ultimate conclusion: anyone against it is not in favor of the security of the United States, all in favor are helping save the world from catastrophe.
CATASTROPHY, that is all we are creating with these wars, and you still wonder why the United States is so negatively criticized around the world. How safe would you be traveling in Europe, Asia, and Africa if you boast of being American?
After Libya, people are getting more serious about having their words heard about their opposition to the war in Syria, as demonstrated in a town hall meeting that Senator John McCain recently attended.
What does it matter if we have no boots on the ground, if we attack we will be killing thousands, destabilizing a country and region and furthering hatred against the US government, which will be directed at you and me, the average Joe.
Take a stand, don't just let it happen. Get involved; stop the madness, if not for all the victims that you might allow to die, for the consequences that this will bring to everyone around the world.
A Nobel Prize for Peace. Don’t' be ridiculous. Here is a serious candidate, Edward Snowden, who despite of becoming enemy number 1 in the rosters of US intelligence, sacrificed it all for every single one of us (of course, you would feel differently if you were a pundit: to you, he would be nothing but a traitor).
Think about it, please ...
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