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Dear Friends,

On July 2, 2017 I submitted my Vaccine Class Action Complaint to President Trump and the civil rights department of the US Dept. of Justice (DOJ), Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Dept. of Education (DOEd). My complaint identified multiple Criminal Participants that were and are carrying out a mandatory vaccine agenda to change laws throughout the USA to make certain vaccines mandatory to attend elementary and higher education schools, for certain jobs, to receive certain government benefits, to join or remain in the military, etc.

In particular, my complaint focused on California Senete Bill 277 (SB 277) which required that an elementary-high school student comply with vaccination requirements for multiple vaccines in the CDC vaccine schedule in order to attend school. My daughter Annette will be moving to 7th grade this coming school year and she does not have her vaccines and thus can be forced to get the vaccines or will not accepted in school, public or private.

The DOJ and DOEd refused to investigate my Complaint, but HHS said my Complaint was under consideration.

On January 2018 HHS announced a new department within their Civil Rights Division, the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division, and this CRF Division has focused on violations of religious rights, including your religious right not to vaccinate yourself if it is against your conscience, moral and religious freedoms and rights.

Therefore, I developed a new strategy that I have used to fight SB 277. I created a Vaccine Religious Freedom Class Action Complaint (VRF Complaint), which I filed with the new HHH CRF Division, with the DOJ and with the DOEd.

I was also advised by HHS that my original complaint has also been transferred to the CRF Division. So now I have two complaints, including my present and future kids's school district, Senator Pan and Gov. Brown.  

This is a Class Action Complaint that you can join, so I have created all forms, text, information and everything you need to fight any mandatory vaccine program. I created a video that explains my new procedure. Here is the link:


Everyday more and more reports, medical journals and scientific peer reviewed documents come out pointing to the truth about the dangers of vaccines, their relationship with the incredible increase in autism among children and how we might even correlate such increased vaccination since the end of the 80's to the increase in all sorts of diseases, some that we never heard of before, and some now affecting babies and children much more frequently, like certain types of cancers.

If you want to help me stop this mandatory vaccine agenda against my daughter and all human beings, please join my complaint. The video above will provide you all the information you need to proceed. You will find all forms and information on my VRF Complaint on my website at, highlighted in yellow.

Best wishes, 


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