Imagine a  city doctor that develops a nontoxic substance and related treatment that is proven to completely eradicate cancer, even in terminally ill patients that orthodox medical institutions have pronounced are close to dying from this horrible disease.

Now imagine you are one of those terminally ill cancer patients, you start this doctor's treatment and after a short period of time your cancer almost completely disappears -- when all of a sudden the government closes down the doctor's clinic and also starts harassing you?

On January 2011 I wrote a blog titled Cancer, The FDA, The American Medical Association And You, narrating the life and tribulations of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife of San Diego. The story begins in the 30's, many years before we were even born.

In my story I told you about MMS, a substance developed by Jim Humble and this substance, which is in essence chlorine dioxide and I noted that it has helped many people with many types of diseases. I bought some and tried it myself with excellent results. Well, the online store where I got the MMS was raided several months ago by the FDA and since then they no longer respond to emails and their phone is out of service and I just checked and their website is down.

As to Jim Humble, I was subscribed to his newsletter and he was sending one out once or twice a month. Around August of 2011 he noted in a newsletter that he heard that he was being pursued by the FBI. Around October he put out a newsletter stating that he had found a way to overcome the bad taste of this medication, which is one of the biggest barriers why some people don't like to use it. That was his last newsletter. We had also corresponded by email last year, but he has not responded to any of my inquiries.

How is it possible that if someone comes out with a cure for cancer which is outside of the radiation and chemotherapy torture treatment prescribed by orthodox medicine, such treatment will be halted by a government many of us believe is supposed to be helping us be healthy? Would not our country be better if we were healthy? Would that not eliminate the need to waste billions of dollars in healthcare costs?

The only way that we can halt this attack on our right to be free of disease is by first being 100% convinced that the above is true and by convincing everybody else of that fact, so to help convince you, here is another story, but this time, let's see the evidence in a recent well documented video which narrates the story of Dr. Stanislaw Bursynski and his cancer treatment.

The video is almost two hours long, so get comfortable and click here to watch.

May we never fall pray to cancer, or worse, be forced to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Best wishes.



  • Celina


    seems to be very interesting

    seems to be very interesting

  • Rob Boyes

    Rob Boyes

    When I clicked on the link to watch the video ,it says "Video not available". Is there another link that might work?

    When I clicked on the link to watch the video ,it says "Video not available". Is there another link that might work?

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