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I've always looked at things and have tried to understand them, like everyone else. When it comes to tasks, I always seem to try to find a way to do them in the easiest way possible, could be because I am lazy, but I think it is more because of my tendency to be efficient; to me it is almost like a challenge (even driving, ask my wife!).

When writing my songs, sometimes a short phrase represents a summary of an observation I have made, correctly or incorrectly (after all, I am human of course). 

Sometimes, we simply have to call things by their name, once we identify them. Yes, I may have a friend that has always treated me with great affection, someone I highly respect, but the day I see that person doing something wrong, like abusing a child, aggressively attacking someone, I will never view that person in the same way as I did before, no matter how good they are to me.

The same happens in the political arena, once you open your eyes to certain realities (and unfortunately, often we prefer not to do so) you can never again accept certain media-disseminated truths without putting them through the prisms of your newly found conclusions.

The unfortunate result is that, you now have a view, maybe an ultimate conclusion, that many prefer to ignore, or prefer simply not to be bothered with; but, what else to do, as caring human beings, except to share that thought, hoping that it will be objectively considered by others. That is, if you have the inner spirit that is driving you to do so, hopefully in good faith.

In that spirit I share with you my latest video, WE FAIL TO SEE (click here)

For those of you that are Pink Floyd fans, this will be right up your alley. 



Joint The Mailing List/Share

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