In life we all want to be happy and successful and there are many religions and philosophies that offer us advise on how to achieve it.

One philosophy that became popular several years ago is called "The Secret." The core of such belief is metaphysical in nature, about harmony with the environment and one's self and the strength of having a positive metal attitude, claiming that if you believe hard enough you can achieve anything in life.

This principle, while it should be applied in our lives to confront every hard situation, cannot change things that the future, and we can call it destiny, has wating for us.

In 2007 I almost was evacuated from my home in Mira Mesa when wildfires spread through several different areas of San Diego County. Homes to the east of use were burning down and we could see the smoke in all directions, and very close by. Any of us could have thought as positive as humanly possible, but we could not have stopped the fire if it came our way.  

I wrote a song then called That's Simply Life as a reminder that although we cannot stop certain things that come our way, like cancer, an industrial accident, a plan crash or a bomb exploding next to us, it is how we accept and approach that situation that will determine how much happiness we can bring to our lives with acceptance of our faith.

Here is the song:  That's Simply Life 
Here is the video: That's Simply Life Video


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