It took me a while, almost five years, but finally my second CDTales of Humanity is now available for distribution, in CD form and download, full album and singles, through sites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Jango, etc..

I want to thank everyone that has contributed in any way in both recording this CD and encouraging me to continue. I am very proud of what I have accomplished musically. I think the message also has an important meaning in our lives today.

To sample and purchase any song, click here.

To view my CD Tales of Humanity on a YouTube playlist, click here.

Presently all songs' backing tracks (no vocals) are available for free download on my website CafePeyote.com/music/, bottom section. 

Presently there are no plan to start recording a 3rd CD. Instead, I will be focused on my blogs. There are many important issues that have resulted from my inquiries into clandestine aerial spraying of toxic substances. I will be discussing this issue soon.

Best wishes,


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