Yesterday I was listening to a public radio station KPBS news story and the subject was the Republican presidential primaries. The interviewer started by asking what was the status of all the candidates and the response by the reporter went something like this:

Romney not much liked but he has the majority of delegates

Santorum has been winning some states

Gingrich is struggling and should get out

Well that was interesting. What a bunch we have to choose from. Hey, wait a minute, what about Ron Paul? Towards the end of the interview the reporter, in a humorous kind of way, said something like, "and Paul, well I guess he is not giving up." The interviewer laughed as well.

A friend told me that he just does not trust Paul, but could not tell me exactly why. We must never forget that we all know that the media tries to manipulate us and in the case of Paul, that is no exception, and being that he really is anti-corruption and talks about abuse of government and the powers behind it, it is no wonder why he is portrayed like an old cook with not only no chances of winning the republican race, not to mention the presidency, but not even worth mentioning in most similar TV news commentary on the primaries.

With that negative portrayal of Paul by the media it is no wonder why some might think, what's the big deal with Paul and the Fed? That's all he talks about. Well, not really, but that is a big part of the focus of his message regarding our economic problems and where he believes they stem from.

I agree with Paul, it is very important that we all know and understand what the Federal Reserve is, who is behind it and how it affects our daily lives (yes, our daily lives!).

Being that some of you liked the Alien cartoon, I'll give you two options to view videos on the Fed, one in a somewhat comical way and the other in a more serious manner. Personally, I recommend both, for each has its particulars. Click below:


THE FED (excerpts from Zeitgeist, The Movie)

In this day and age we cannot afford to not be informed on issues that the media tells us to ignore or reject.

Join me by commenting on the blog and videos. Your input is important.


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