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For over a year I have been actively investigating and working on many different activist fronts, including toxic GeoEngineering (chemtrails), mandatory vaccines, homeopathic cancer treatment attacks by government, etc., dealing with many persons and agencies, from my children's school principal and the District to the Governor's office.

As a result there has been a complete refocus on my efforts to inform all of you of all the things that are happening around us, from locally to internationally. This is now reflected on my webpage, where I have added the following sections:







This last section, in a sense is as new to you as it is to me. For some reason since I was young I always thought I would end up being some sort of public speaker or even a preacher. And in a way it came true.

In my anti-vaccine fight I have been in contact with hundreds of parents of children that were harmed by vaccines, many within hours or days of the vaccination; from those that developed autism, to some that developed serious neurological problem and whom when confronting their pediatricians to claim it was the vaccines, are ignored, ridiculed, told to see a psychiatrist, or in the worse cases accused of mistreating their children and having them taken away with the parents facing criminal prosecution.

The same is happening when a child goes to a doctor and the doctor says the child has cancer and must undergo immediate treatment. If the parents refuse and say they will try some homeopathic or other non-orthodox treatment, the physician calls child services and next thing you know, they take your child away and he/she is forced to undergo the toxic radiation therapy. See example here.

With the passage of SB 277, removing the Personal Exemption and "supposedly" removing the Religious Exemption as well, children are now forced to be vaccinated or get a medical exemption which they have made very difficult to obtain. As a result some of these parents with unvaccinated children are being required to home school and some are leaving the state. I don't blame them, based on the statistics and proven harm vaccines are doing now (more than 60 to be taken by the end of high school), a MIT scholar predicts that by 2032 one out of every two children will be autistic, 80% of them males. See trailer for "Vaxxed: from Cover up to Catastrophe.

As a result of the above I decided to create a Church, based on universal Christian beliefs, but with the focus of good health, that all can join to assert, in writing, their natural, common law, constitutional (federal and state) and international right not to vaccinate themselves or their children against their will, and avoid being forced to use any medication or medical treatment against their will. 

And it is not only happening to children. California also passed SB 792 that forces some child daycare workers to get vaccinated, veterans are facing either mandatory vaccination or losing their benefits and some pediatricians are even refusing to see parents and their unvaccinated children. And the wheels of this plan to vaccinate all human beings is steadily moving, click here so you can see for yourself.  If this happens, imagine how many MORE vaccines the manufacturers, through authorities like the CDC, will say WE WILL NOW NEED. We have become nothing more that microbes in a Petri dish, for someone else's profits, if not extermination. 

I invite you to visit my page and see the new sections. If any are helpful to you in understanding why things are the way they are, then I simply ask you to invite others to visit and join the fight for freedom, help us end this government abuse, and to bring to justice all those in government and behind government that are closing the doors on humanity, in what they call the New World Order. George Bush Sr. said it clearly and apparently he was right:


See video clip here.

Best wishes,