MY DILEMMA Did you ever hear the story about a homeless drunk man, wasted and spread on the floor outside of a liquor store, who told a young man coming out with a six pack in his hand, “Hey, don’t abuse alcohol, it can ruin your life”? If we happened to be there, we might think many things of that drunk and I guess it would be very hard to consider him a trustworthy source of information, but that does not change the truth in his advice.

In the several articles I have had the honor of sharing with you, which reflect my thoughts on things I see and read every day and my analysis of them, I have pointed out many things that indeed are horrible if they were true, and thus difficult to accept. To me, there is no greater thing to report on, no newspaper article more worthy for consideration, than that related to what is known as “The New World Order,” because all the other things I have been and will be discussing in my articles are connected in one way or the other with such an organized international economic and political movement. Or so I believe.

My dilemma is that there are many public figures that we often see on TV or hear on the radio, that as with the drunk, are talking about these so called but real “conspiracies” that are going one, but their overall message is very separatist, racist and often incites hatred and violence in their followers and thus they are helping create more division upon us, and are distracting us from the core issues to be addressed and countered. I am talking about several media talk show hosts and journalists, like Glenn Beck, that confuse things more, with a touch of hatred towards those on the other side of their beliefs, and interests. Sometimes they even seem to be simply agents provocateur to further mislead us and/or to identify dissidents. It also helps label those of us who talk about these things as crazy conspiracists. And with Iranian president Ahmadinejad recently claiming before the United Nations that many people around the world believe that the American government was involved in the 9/11 attacks, those questioning the official theory will now be compared to or be considered supporters of Ahmadinejad.

These persons have different agendas than mine, as I have no agenda, other than reporting my findings; and everyone is welcome to disagree with me via my blog. This is also why I try to document my articles with links to sources to verify such info, as well as recommend readings to further your own research. So hey, like the drunk, with all my faults, my imperfections and my lack of enlightenment, I go forth and speak electronically to you, and hope I hit it right on the nail. I do feel a deep need to continue sharing my thoughts, doing the required objective analysis of the things I find, and in many cases warn you about (it goes back to my childhood, but that’s another story). It’s up to you to determine what action, if any, you should take; and I respect that decision.

The things I write about might even help you strengthen your own beliefs to the contrary. I will continue rambling on and writing the music to fit it. Thank you for taking the time to read along. It’s just another side of me. I hope that you can benefit from my writings, or at least that they entertain you. At the end, I guess all I’m trying to say is, I don’t know, and you need to find out on your own.

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  • Bob Vazquez

    Bob Vazquez

    I don't often called people "idiots", however, I agree with your statement regarding Glenn Beck and I go further and call him an idiot.

    I don't often called people "idiots", however, I agree with your statement regarding Glenn Beck and I go further and call him an idiot.

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