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This is a follow up to my two blogs/articles:

1- Cancer, the FDA, the American Medical Association and You

2- Your Right to Be Cancer Free

In the late 90's a gentlemen by the name of Jim Humble, an electronic technician and non-degreed research engineer in the aerospace industry from the U.S., travelled to Africa to use a gold recovery system he developed. While there in the middle of the jungle some of his aids contracted what appeared to be malaria and got very sick. Being one day away from any community, he sent some of his staff that where healthy to get medication from the nearest town.

Meanwhile Humble, seeing the terrible sickness and pain his aides were going through, offered them a solution he had for purifying water. Within 4 hours the previously sick aids were laughing, talking about how sick they were just four hours earlier. See Project Camelot Interviews Jim Humble).

The solution that Humble used is known worldwide by the acronym given by Humble, MMS. Because of many different reasons to long to explain here, the acronym has had different meanings, but the most acceptable one is Master Mineral Solution.

The MMS solution is obtained by mixing sodium chlorite,NaClO2 (28% concentration) with citric acid (50% concentration, currently recommended to be replaced with a 4% solution of hydrochloric acid, HCl, the same acid we have in our stomach). Hereinafter I will refer to the sodium chlorite and either acid when used together as the activators.

MMS as a disease fighting medication, not being a patentable product, has not had any financial backing to fully study and understand how this solution works or what is the best combination and dosage, so everything that has been learned about it has been a result of more than a decade of encouraging positive individual usages and testimonials, now in the thousands, of its benefits when used in different ways to kill pathogens and parasites that cause disease. See Humble's page. Pathogens are bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease.

Combining these two chemicals results in a chemical reaction that creates and generates Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2, hereinafter simply referred to as MMS), a yellowish-green gas that is highly soluble in water and is made up of one chlorine ion bound to two ions of oxygen and is a potent oxidizer. Oxidizing agents are chemical compounds that readily accept/rob electrons from “electron donors.” They gain electrons via chemical reaction/oxidation/combustion. This is important because relative to chlorine dioxide, all pathogens are electron donors.

One of the distinctive features of MMS is that when preparing and drinking it the solution will have a chlorine-like smell and taste and is also sour due to the acid, so it is not readily acceptable to our senses. This taste and smell are reduced by simply adding water to the mix prior to drinking and by not inhaling directly from the container. Also, known side effects include diarrhea, vomit and lightheadedness.

When such reaction takes place the ClOdissolves and the pathogens die. See DuPont's info page on the safe industrial use of ClO2 here (note that it states that it is used for fruit and vegetable processing). Chlorine dioxide is a neutral chlorine compound. It is very different from elementary chlorine (see Wikipedia). Chlorine dioxide generated from sodium chlorite is approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for disinfecting water used to wash fruits, vegetables, and poultry (see Wikipedia). See also a publication by the National Center for Biotechnology Information titled, Controlled Clinical Evaluations of Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Chlorate in Man.” (Vol. 46, pp. 57-62, 1982). See pages 59-62 where it concludes that there are no apparent adverse effects from human ingestion of chlorine dioxide, “demonstrated by the absence of detrimental physiological response” (page 62).

MMS has proven to be helpful in the destruction and elimination of many diseases (not simply the control of symptoms as most of your friendly neighborhood pharmacy products do), from a simple fungal infection to high fever, flu, autism, arthritis, elimination of heavy metals, HIV and even cancer), pretty much any disease caused by pathogens, parasites and their toxic excrement.

Probably the best documented case of the beneficial effect of MMS in treating disease was when more than 150 people from Uganda got cured of malaria by the Red Cross in December 2012. SeeWiki definition of malaria as to how serious this disease is. Most of these persons were cured with only one dose in one day. The rest were cured with a second dose by the second day, thus all the patients were cured within 2 days. After this started to become public and referenced by the global pro-MMS community, the Red Cross immediately denied that this ever happened. Luckily, one of the persons involved in documenting the results on video, when seeing how this vital health information was being withheld, released the video on YouTube to prove it did happen, here is the link. You could ask yourself, if the Red Cross is supposed to save lives why would it conceal this important information from the world? That is another subject to be covered, but see my blog, “Taboo: Depopulation.”

So what happens to the MMS after it reacts and oxidizes the pathogens? Like the pathogen, the MMS/Chlorine Dioxide molecule is also destroyed/decomposed by the oxidation/combustion process and is no longer present in the body within hours, the residue being simply minimal amounts of sodium chloride, commonly known as salt, and water, neither affecting the body, so there is no residual toxic substances left in the body, like orthodox medicines leave, with all their consequential side effects, some serious, some deadly; just listen to 80% of the TV commercials for medications and their warnings.

Here is where the first red flag my pop up in your head: This sounds like quackery! How can one thing be so good for so many things? It is really simple to explain, as Louis Pasteur, the father of vaccines, said in his dying bed, “(Claude) Bernard is right. The microbe is nothing; (human) terrain is everything.” And it makes perfect sense!

Let me explain. Take a swimming pool. Stop adding chlorine and within a couple of days/weeks, the water will turn murky, green and completely full of all sorts of microorganisms. Add chlorine again and everything will die off (although you might have to clean the residual dead bacteria/microorganisms). There was no need to add different compounds for different organisms, the chlorine killed them all; in other words, all those different micro-organisms simply could not live and thrive is such a chlorinated environment.

Like many plants, some organisms can only live in certain environments. If we dive inside a swimming pool and stay at the bottom without any breathing apparatus we will die within minutes, while a fish on dry land will also die within minutes. But in their natural environment both will survive and thrive.

These pathogens and parasites, like the cancer virus (contrary to orthodox medicine, that is all cancer is, as proven by Royal Raymond Rife in San Diego, CA in the 1930-40's), for the most part thrive in an acid environment. So if our body's pH is acid, these pathogens will prosper and reproduce, but if we were to increase the alkaline level of our system they will die, like throwing a fish into dry land. This is one of the properties of MMS, it helps your body neutralize the acid state and raises its alkalinity sufficiently to negatively affect the pathogen's living environment, while using its oxidizing strength to completely destroy the pathogen. 

What's the catch? If this is quackery, someone is trying to steal your money and make themselves rich. So how much does MMS cost? Before I answer this, think about how much you would spend on a hospital and medications, without insurance, if you went to visit/stay in a hospital if you had a serious flu, if you had pneumonia or if you had cancer?

Here are the numbers: The average price for a 4 ounce bottle of sodium chloride solution is $20; the 4 ounce bottle of citric acid solution is $7 dollars (about the same for HCl). Total $27. Four ounces are equal to 120 ml. Each milliliter is estimated (depending on the liquid's density) to be approximately 20 drops. Being that an activated drop of MMS is comprised of a 1:1 combination of sodium chloride and citric/HCl acid, it  means that you will get 120 x 20 drops of activated MMS for each set of activators. That is equal to 2,400 doses/drops of MMS (in the MMS world 2 drops of the activators are referred to as one drop of MMS or more specifically of “activated MMS”). If the standard protocol is followed and a person takes 3 drops of MMS a day every hour for 10 hours, he/she will consume 30 drops a day. If you divide 2,400 doses by 30 drops a day, it means that the MMS will last you 80 days. 

Considering that a treatment may just take days (in the case of malaria only one or two doses as seen above), but in common protocol may last up to 3 weeks, your supply would be good for about 4 full treatments. Now take $27 dollars, total expense for the MMS bottles, divide it by 80 and you get a cost of about $0.34 cents per day. Assuming it works, going back to the question, how much do you think you would spend if you go with a serious disease to the hospital, ask yourself: Who is ripping you off and in many cases not even curing you fully, just treating your symptoms? 

Money/profit is the biggest reason why big pharma and its enforcement arm (the FDA) will never sell or promote MMS. The profit in addressing disease is not in curing the disease, it is in fighting only the symptoms so you will continue using the medication, sometimes for life, like in the case of diabetes (something MMS has proven to be very effective in treating and very fast). Also, big pharma generates millions in the form of government subsidies and fund raisers for their research.

As you can see MMS is extremely inexpensive and to show you how much Humble and all others in the MMS community, including myself, care for your health and not for your money, they even show you how to make your own MMS (even less expensive), noted in Humble’s book and in the links provided below.

See MMS Green Life as an example of distributors in the US. MMS is less expensive in Mexico, where Kerri Rivera says, "Mexico loves MMS." Very different than in the US, where it is passionately attacked and discredited by the FDA and the orthodox medical establishment (discussed below).

The other miraculous property of MMS is that while it oxidizes pathogens and kills parasites, it does not affect healthy cells in any way, on the contrary, it helps the body fortify the immune system because it helps create that optimal environment/terrain that Pasteur was referring to.

In larger parasites, like worms (and you would not believe how many pathogens and parasites we carry in our body – simply the mouth contain 500 to 1,000 different types of bacteria as part of the human flora and oral microbiology), the MMS debilitates and kills them, subsequently being expelled through stools. Kerri Rivera, a mother of an autistic son turned autism therapist, previosuly working in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico through her clinic, Clinica AutismO2, has cured more than 100 children with serious autistic problems following the MMS protocol. See Kerri's seminar at AutismOne that not only shows the parasites that are coming out of the body, but shows cured autistic children addressing the spectators telling their story. In Mexicali, Mexico, several doctors who participated in a seminar on MMS in that city are now successfully treating patients with MMS.

For a history and technical explanation about what MMS is, how it works and its benefits see Humble's book, Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium. You can also see Andreas Kalcker's book "La Salud Es Posible” (Health is Possible), presently only in German and Spanish. 

Because of a lack of interest from main stream medical research centers, foundations (including that of Bill Gates, whose health foundation was approached by Humble about the benefits of MMS and was rejected) and big-pharma, through years of trial and error an appropriate dosage and form of administration has been developed and recommended by Humble and his Church, The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. The Church refers to taking MMS as participating in its sacramental protocols.  The Church believes that all human beings have the God given right to be healthy and free of disease and also have the moral obligation to tell others about treatments that prove to be effective to achieve these goals, like the use of MMS and DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide, (CH3)2SO, which among many other things can help in making MMS more effective. See CBS “60 Minutes” interview about DMSO on blog 1 above, towards end of article). 

The Genesis II Church recommends MMS not only to fight sickness but also as a maintenance protocol to avoid disease in the first place. The Church, through its ministers around the world, gives MMS free of charge to anyone wanting it and teaches them how to use it, how to make it and encourages them to spread the word. It is a labor of love for which we all should be grateful. 

How do you administer MMS? The recommended protocol dose for an adult is three drops of each sodium chlorite and citric or hydrochloric acid (in the concentrations noted above), placed in a glass, allowed to react for one to two minutes (this creates what we call 3 drops of activated MMS), then adding about 1/2 cup of water and immediately drinking it. These 3 drops of MMS are to be taken every hour for 8-10 hours a day for as long as necessary to cure the sick individual. For children smaller doses are recommended based on their weight. Also, one should avoid taking vitamin C in any form (like vitamin C fortified drinks/juices) while taking MMS because it neutralizes its effect. Kalcker recommends avoiding citric products and antioxidants altogether.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the initial stages of the discovery of MMS as a treatment for curing human disease, the dosages where different, both in quantity and frequency. These have been refined through trial and error until arriving at the presently recommended dose noted above. In the internet, being a permanent "virtual writing board," you will still find many webpages regarding MMS recommending other ways to administer MMS. It is recommended that you simply substitute such dosages/frequencies with the more current protocols recommended here, as this has been proven to be more effective.

With that said, there are some particulars that must be taken in consideration:

1. Because of MMS's ability to destroy pathogens and parasites through oxidation/combustion, the sicker the person is the more pathogens it will kill. There are two reactions to consider here. First, the pathogen, like all microorganisms, when encountering such an attack/threat will excrete harmful substances to protect itself (as it does when it flourishes in the human body) as a defense mechanism. The toxins released into the body by these organisms include, among other things, morphine, 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA), ammonia and formaldehyde. These toxic chemicals can cause tiredness, intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, constipation, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, alcohol poisoning and convulsions, among other things. See Kalcker's book, page 104.

Secondly, as the pathogen disintegrates and dies in the attack its residue will also be flushed out by the body, going through our internal filtering systems, primarily the liver, but also through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph nodes and skin. As a result of this, the body can experience nausea, diarrhea and in some cases vomit. This is due not to any toxicity of the MMS, but to the cleansing of the body (for example, if the liver cannot filter such large amounts of pathogen residuals, toxins and waste, these by-products may go directly into the digestive system resulting in diarrhea). This normal and necessary metabolic reaction for the cleansing of the body is called a Herxheimer reaction.

2. Due to the above, it is recommended that when starting such MMS treatment, that a person begin with 1 drop (in some cases even 1/2 drop) of MMS, then gradually increase the dose until reaching the 3 drop/hour dose. The body’s present tolerance of the MMS will be evident by any possible side effects, like diarrhea. 

As the dosage increases, if one experiences diarrhea, they should simply reduce the dose as may be necessary until such discomfort disappears and then gradually increase until reaching the standard recommended dose.

Here is a personal testimonial. I started using MMS when the dosages were recommended to be taken twice a day, in amounts of up to 12 drops of MMS, gradually starting from 1 drop. As the administration procedures improved to the present hourly application of MMS, at one point, to test its effectiveness and possible side effects before I made any personal comments to others (note: I am not a physician, so this is not medical advice, this is simply my own personal study, belief and the result of my experience – and I believe in helping others!), at one point I took up to 10 drops of MMS per hour for a whole day without any side effects (and this was more than 4 years ago and I have used it for many other ailments since). In contrast, I have a friend that is frequently very sick and started having vision problems at an early age, until gradually being completely blind by his 40’s; he cannot take even a couple of drops of MMS because of the resulting diarrhea (unfortunately because of this discomfort he never followed the recommended protocol of readjustment and continuation of dose, nor has he tried the CDS alternative, as noted below, which pretty much eliminates the diarrhea discomfort).

Also, in one of my first experiences with MMS, when I caught a very serious flu from my son (he got very sick for weeks) I started getting very sick, including high fever, chills, stuffed nose, weakness and typical flu symptoms in the morning. I started my MMS treatment, gradually increasing the dose and by the next day most all my symptoms were gone, just some residual runny nose and cough, no weakness, body pain,  temperature of chills. At one point I did feel my stomach loose, but there were no typical diarrhea symptoms, like cramps; just went to the bathroom, had a soft stool, and that was it, no extreme urges to go to the toilet or pain. I reduced the dosage and then later went up in dosage again with no other problems. Many testimonials confirm this type of mild diarrhea that can be easily controlled by adjusting the dose. I believe I only took the MMS for 3-4 days. MMS also seems to be excellent in bringing down fever. I have also used CDS, discussed below, with good results.

The FDA, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the American Medical Association and big pharma (through their control of universities, their curriculum, medical certification and influence on the FDA and similar governmental agencies) will tell you that this diarrhea is proof of how harmful MMS can be and thus they would never approve it for direct human consumption. But, how can this be worse than all the symptoms from orthodox medicine like cancer radiation treatment: loss of hair, loss of appetite and weight, diarrhea and resulting dehydration, body burns, a complete destruction of our body's immune system, the yellowing/graying of skin, and even death due to such known radiation harm to the body? In the last 100 years cancer treatment has been  based on radiation, the only difference is how it is administered now. And these treatments and drugs are approved and promoted by the FDA for human consumption, to our detriment.

3. In the case of very serious disease, like cancer, especially terminally ill patients, it is recommended that doses be increased up to the body's ability to tolerate the amount of MMS, following the protocol to reduce the dosage until the side effects no longer are present and then gradually increasing to a comfortable level until the MMS destroys such pathogens/viruses.

The Story of CDS

In its evolution through the years MMS has also been transformed into different ways of both producing chlorine dioxide and administering it. The most notable change being the development of CDS, created by bio-physicist Andreas Ludwig Kalcker. CDS stands for Chlorine Dioxide Solution.

Kalcker, who several years ago planned to travel around the world, was searching for a medication to take with him when visiting countries with typical serious diseases such as those found in Africa and came across MMS and has been a promoter of it ever since (he is a close friend of and a member of Humble's church). 

Using MMS Kalcker cured himself, his son and even his dog from disease (being a scientist and skeptic, he tried the MMS on his dog first and was surprised to see the immediate improvements and cure). After working with and promoting MMS for a while he was asked to assist a farmer with cattle who were very diseased and were consuming many expensive antibiotics and other veterinary medications, with limited results, strong adverse side effects to the animals and unfortunately leaving byproducts that the consumer would ultimately ingest. The idea was to see if MMS could cure these animals while helping to eliminating part or all of the pharmaceuticals.

As the trials began it became apparent that the cattle could not digest the MMS because it was rejected by the cattle's rumen. The rumen, also known as a paunch, forms the larger part of the reticulorumen, which is the first chamber in the alimentary canal of ruminant animals. It serves as the primary site for microbial fermentation of ingested feed. Another problem was that due to its acid components it was too painful to inject MMS into the animals, which actually had to be immobilized in order to inject.

When you produce MMS as noted above you create a solution that contains four ingredients: (1) water to dilute the activators to their appropriate percentages of concentration, (2) the sodium chlorite, (3) the citric or hydrochloric acid, and (4) the actual Chlorine Dioxide that is being generated by the reaction, increasing in concentration as the drops are allowed to react. 

What Kalcker did was place the two MMS activators in a 1:1 ratio in a container, the container was placed inside another container with warm water and it was then allowed to react to release the chlorine dioxide in its pure gas form. Chlorine dioxide is a very stable gas that is soluble in water, in particular cold water. Once the water reaches a certain temperature the pure chlorine dioxide is released in the form of gas.

This container of MMS solution is connected via a hose to another container filled with distilled water and through mere distillation Kalcker obtained pure chlorine dioxide and water, thus no longer containing the original activators’ ingredients. By doing this it eliminated the need to mix to chemicals and the MMS’s sour taste, substantially reduced the chlorine smell and taste, and for the most part eliminated the diarrhea reaction, in particular when used in higher doses. Click here to see Kalcker making CDS.

This process has been refined several times by using mechanical and other means, both to increase the speed of the production of the CDS, as well as to minimize the need for using warm water to do the reaction. In one presentation, known as CDH (Chlorine Dioxide Holding), the activators are simply added to water and then allowed to react by themselves for hours to create the solution (see video here), which would contain all four ingredients in the MMS solution noted above. 

As to the cattle, they had tremendous positive results, both curing them and eliminating most of the pharmaceuticals; they could now digest the CDS directly with no rejection by the rumen and was now even possible to inject the CDS into the animals without pain. And like people with more serious medical conditions, like terminal cancer, with CDS the subjects were able to better tolerate larger doses of CDS as compared to MMS.  

According to Kalcker, following the method he recommended in his video, using pre-established quantities of MMS activators in the initial container and distilled water in the receiving container, he created a liquid with a 3000 ppm concentration of chlorine dioxide/CDS and claims that 1 cc/ml (approximately 20 drops) of CDS at 3000 ppm concentration (CDS-3000) equals 3 drops of activated MMS. Suppliers of CDS, as the one noted above, also produce CDS at 6,000 and 12,000 ppm concentrations. 

The important questions in the MMS community now are: (1) which is better, MMS or CDS? And (2) how much CDS is actually equal to 3 drops of MMS?

In his book, La Salud Es Posible, Kalcker never clarifies exactly how he came to the conclusion that 1 cc of CDS-3000 was equal to 3 drops of MMS. So in order to answer the above questions we again need to go to trial and error, what has the MMS community found after more than 4 years of comparing the two?

Both Humble's church (through which Humble makes his observations) and Kalcker report excellent results with both, but Humble states that after all his years of testimonials MMS has proven to be more effective. Even though Humble was the first one to promote CDS as the new better evolution of MMS when Kalcker introduced him to this new technique, Humble admits now, by years of experience, that even though CDS is more practical (you don't have to mix two solutions like MMS, it comes pre-mixed), is now more palatable and appears to have solved the problem/discomfort of the diarrhea, that in most cases MMS would be a better solution. Here is how Humble put it in two email releases by his church on February 10 and 15, 2015:

"Many of us who are experienced with MMS noticed that when MMS1 (activated MMS) is used by mixing each individual dose fresh and drinking the dose within a minute or two of mixing, this overall is when the best results have been achieved. This means better results than mixing up an all-day bottle, or using either CDS or CDH.  This phenomenon was noticed by many of us who collectively have worked with tens of thousands of people...

“So when taking MMS for health recovery, the bottom line is you have to follow the protocols, but you have to listen to your body as well.  We state this in the protocols, teaching people how to adjust their own dosing according to how their body is reacting -- for example, if you begin to feel sick, get diarrhea, or vomit, cut back your dosing and build back up slowly. If nothing is happening, you are not progressing, go on to the next level -- listen to what your body is telling you and you can always know how much MMS1, CDS or CDH to be taking.  I have stated often, “If you are getting good results, the most important thing that you should never do is change when you are getting good results ...

“So in following the sacramental protocols of our Church, both CDS and CDH need to be used in the protocols according to their own merits and not because we believe a certain number of mls of CDS or CDH somehow equal a certain number of MMS1 drops.”  

In his Church’s protocols Humble recommends that you follow the MMS protocols and if you wish to use CDS as outlined by Kalcker, recommends you never exceed six ml of CDS an hour for the entire protocol. Kalcker states in his book that you should not take more than 100 ml of CDS a day.

Kalcker agrees with Humble in that one should listen to his own body to determine which product or what dosages are better and under which circumstances (for example, a representative of the Genesis Church told me a week ago that they only use CDS for topical applications; whereas my sick friend above may be better suited for CDS because of his issue with diarrhea when using MMS). They also agree that the pH in the stomach fluids consistently vary throughout the day due to many factors (you drink water right now, you reduce the acidity) and this could determine how much chlorine dioxide will be actually released at any given time when MMS is in the stomach. Even minimal changes in the body’s pH can have dire effects on our health.

The above may seem a little odd: if CDS is pure chlorine dioxide and water, and the chlorine dioxide is the chemical that produces the oxidation, the raising of our body's pH level and the resulting killing of pathogens and parasites and further has less side effects and a better taste, why would MMS be better?

Before answering that question, let me point out that Humble, Kalcker and Rivera agree that using hydrochloric acid is more effective than using citric acid, as was done originally, due to the fact that the stomach’s natural acid is hydrochloric acid, so it reacts minimally with your digestive system. The taste is also improved when using HCl.

To determine why MMS may be better than CDS (in particular as regards 1 cc of CDS-3000 being equal to 3 drops of MMS), we need to go to Kalcker’s book. As he explains, aside from the body’s natural Herxheimer reaction to cleanse the body of toxins, the ingested non-activated acid residuals of the MMS solution can also cause too much acidity in the stomach and intestines, resulting in diarrhea and vomit (La Salud Es Posible, page 135). From that perspective, he recommends CDS instead of MMS, in particular for serious illnesses where high dosages are needed.

A more interesting fact that Kalcker found was that, while topically or prior to ingestion, 1 cc of CDS is equal in strength to 3 drops of MMS, when the CDS’s chlorine dioxide enters the stomach it remains at the same strength, while the MMS, once it enters the digestive system, being that it still contains inactivated sodium chlorite, with the acid activator (also still present) and our own stomach’s acid, there is a secondary reaction, creating additional chlorine dioxide. If this is correct, then 1 cc of CDS-3000 can never equal 3 drops of activated MMS once in the body, you would need a higher dose of CDS to equal the strength of the MMS dose. Kalcker states in his book (paraphrasing from the Spanish version):

”MMS can create a secondary reaction with gastric fluids, elevating the concentration of chlorine dioxide gas in some cases from 5 ppm to 45 ppm, depending on each person’s stomach acidity.” See “La Salud Es Posible,” page 134.

Note: The acidity of our stomach’s fluids/gastric acid varies based on the pH/percentage of concentration of the hydrochloric acid it contains, plus everything we ingest: more water in the stomach, the less acidity/higher pH it will have. pH is usually measured in a scale of 0 to 14, zero being the strongest acid, fourteen being the most alkaline substance and seven being neutral (water’s pH is 7). A human being’s ideal pH is slightly alkaline:  7.35 to7.45. Human blood stays in this very narrow pH range. Even minimal changes in the body’s pH can have dire effects on our health.

So, if the actual total concentration of MMS’s chlorine dioxide can increase from 5 to 45 ppm once ingested, this means that MMS in some instances can be 900% stronger than CDS once it is in the stomach. So, if MMS can release more chlorine dioxide, even twice as strong, then the belief that when ingested 1 cc of CDS is equal to 3 drops of MMS when in the stomach would be incorrect. Yet and of course, this does not diminish the fact that CDS has been proven by Kalcker to still be effective as MMS in most areas, as noted in the testimonials cited in his book.

Let’s consider one more thing for a final analysis. Kerri Rivera, in her years of work in curing autism, has stated that MMS completely cured upwards of 133 autistic children. She and Kalcker worked together in developing an MMS protocol to fight such disease (see Kalcker’s presentation at Autism One conference in Chicago, IL, circa 2013-2014). In his presentation, as well as the preceding presentation by Rivera in the same conference (link here), there is no specific mention of CDS being used as opposed to MMS. To get clarification, I personally contacted Kerri by email several weeks ago, asking (1) if in her successful treatment for autism she was using MMS or CDS, and (2) if using MMS, if she was using citric or hydrochloric acid. She replied:

“I do not use CDS. It does not cure autism. We use CD (chlorine dioxide, MMS) for the 162 cases who have lost the dx … And HCl is stomach acid. It is perfect for us. It is better received by the body.”

If I were to apply some of the findings noted above I might not necessarily agree with Rivera; I might conclude that she never used the necessary higher dose of CDS that would be equivalent to the MMS dosages she uses; unless of course, she did try the higher doses of CDS without positive results (I have not had the opportunity to read her book, so such specifics may be documented there).

Kerri’s theory as to how these children developed autism (seconded by Kalcker) is that vaccines, both because of their content of toxic heavy metals, in particular mercury (Thimerosal) and aluminum, as well as because they weaken the immune system at the time of application, allow existing body pathogens and parasites to thrive in the human body, like opening a door to a restaurant to a starving individual. Remember, many of  these pathogens are already living inside of our body but are maintained in check by our immune system. Some of the results of using the MMS autism protocol have been the removal of parasites, like worms, through stool, visibly noticeable as seen on Rivera's video above. To learn about some of the possible harm of vaccines see Vaccine Nation.

In conclusion, there may be three things that MMS does that CDS does not: (1) the chlorine dioxide released is higher in concentration when using MMS for the reasons noted above and thus MMS is stronger and better to kill such pathogens/parasites, (2) if the inactivated acid in a MMS mixture makes the stomach and intestine more acid and causes diarrhea and soft stools, that may help expel the parasites, and (3) the MMS’s secondary reaction in the stomach may release the chlorine dioxide gas in a way that it kills pathogens better and parasites that live in the stomach (some parasites are  so resistant that even the acid in the stomach by itself does not destroy them, so they can live within that acid environment).


Kalcker, being a bio-physicist and scientist, has been able to give us a better understanding of how both MMS and CDS work within our system. Humble, being the creator and in a sense the head of the MMS movement, has access to many more testimonials about the results of using both products and has made a compelling case as to why MMS is a better alternative, unless CDS is more appropriate in some cases due to a patient’s reaction to MMS, in particular to large doses. Again, as Humble says:

“… Listen to what your body is telling you and you can always know how much MMS1, CDS or CDH to be taking … If you are getting good results, the most important thing that you should never do is change when you are getting good results.”

Presently the FDA is waging an all-out war against MMS and its derivatives. Several years ago they raided a distributor of MMS, Daniel Smith from California (Project GreenLife). He will be going to trial in March of 2015. Daniel is facing 37 years in prison for helping save lives and defending our Health Freedom with absolutely no one accusing him of having harmed them by him selling them MMS. So far, Daniel has been railroaded, his motions denied, witnesses intimidated, not allowed to speak in trial and the prosecution presenting falsified evidence as to the safe effective use of MMS/CDS. You can read about Daniel’s story and contribute to his defense fund here. The outcome of this trial may determine if we will be able to sell, buy or use MMS/CDS in the future and the possible jailing for those who do. This is not Daniel’s fight alone, this is an attack on our freedom for self-preservation, for survival, for good health, for a fruitful life. Think I am exaggerating?

- A family from Arkansas had its children taken away by authorities because they found MMS bottles in their home and accused them of giving it to their children. See article here.

- A family is threatened with the “confiscation” of their children by authorities if they do not vaccinate them. See article here.

The government, through these cases’ prosecution teams and the FDA, is saying that chlorine dioxide is the same as household bleach, what we call chlorine, supposedly making it extremely toxic, even though the FDA’s own publications on simple chlorine dioxide note both chlorine dioxide’s effectiveness in killing pathogens and parasites, as well as being safe for human consumption. 

Those behind the ban and attack on MMS/CDS are using the media and the internet as well. Above I noted some reference from Wikipedia that prove that chlorine dioxide is safe, but if you search there for “Jim Humble,” although it used to have a page on him where they attacked his beliefs and findings, but noted his illustrious career, now it simply redirects you to Master Mineral Supplement. This is what it says to deceive you and me:

“Miracle Mineral Supplement … is a toxic solution of 28% sodium chlorite in distilled water. The product contains essentially the same ingredient as industrial-strength bleach before "activation" with a food-grade acid. The name was coined by Jim Humble in his 2006 self-published book, The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. A more dilute version is marketed as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS).

“MMS is falsely promoted as a cure for HIV, malaria, hepatitis viruses, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, autism, acne, cancer, and much more. There have been no clinical trials to test these claims, which come only from anecdotal reports and Humble's book.”

Above you will see the key words used to mislead you and discredit both Humble, his body of work, all the actual treatment result testimonials and MMS/CDS. They have done the same to many other heroic, caring individuals that have created and promoted any natural, homeopathic, practical and in particular inexpensive ways to cure disease, risking their lives and careers in the process, as noted in blog 2 above.

By the way, be weary of Wikipedia. Just like we go to YouTube for videos and Google for net searches, many of us go to Wiki for info on topics, and evidence has shown how Wiki is now part of the new “newspeak” that George Orwell spoke about in his book “1984.” Of all things, here is the Wiki definition:

Newspeak is the fictional language … It is a controlled language created by the totalitarian state as a tool to limit freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, and peace.”

Unless we do something about it, the day will come when we will be denied the right to use anything we want to cure disease, if not approved by the state; we will be forced to take vaccines and medications that will be harmful to us and our children. We will be dumbed down and maintained in a sick state, consuming big-pharma’s medications, while never being cured – for the rest of our lives – and with the pain, suffering and sometimes death that comes with it. And for what? To make you weaker – and the enemy, the government and those who control it stronger, until death will they give us –  the expendable slaves (that’s all we are to the Master Puppeteers. See Aaron Russo’s interview regarding his relationship and conversations with a family member of the Rockefeller Empire).

We have the right to be free of disease and in good health in order to experience life to its fullest extent, to help us live prosperous lives, to worship and serve God (if that is our inclination) to the fullest extent of our being – We need good health to prosper as a species.

The Genesis II Church of Heath and Healing was established, among other things, like freely curing the sick, to create a protected constitutional right to use MMS and to help others do the same to improve their health. This is protected under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits among other things the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion and abridging the freedom of speech.

To become a member of the Church you don’t have to change your current religious views. In their website they state:

We do not feel that it is our mission to teach our members any kind of beliefs beyond the technology of our Cleansing Water and other cleansing technology of our healing Sacraments. We believe that it is each member’s private responsibility to form his own religious beliefs and thus we remain neutral to all the religious beliefs of our members.”

Thus, you can continue worshiping your own God and religion (personal beliefs) and additionally be a member of the Genesis II church, because the ultimate goals of both your church and the Genesis II church are the same: Live and Prosper! To view the latest announcements from the Church concerning MMS or to join (especially if you feel threatened by a governmental agency and want to invoke your 1st Amendment right) click here.   

We urge you to help Daniel, even if you don’t believe in MMS. What if we find tomorrow that simply eating one orange a day will keep us free of cancer, like scurvy was found to be cured by a small consumption of orange juice/vitamin C – and the government banned it? Don’t think it’s possible? Here is an example: Laetrile, also known as amygdalin and vitamin B-17, a derivative from apricot and other fruit kernels and proven to cure cancer at least since the 60’s (see G. Edward Griffin’s book, World Without Canceris prohibited in the U.S. as a cancer treatment and those selling it, promoting it or curing with it are discredited, their medical licenses revoked, prosecuted and jailed (see Wikipedia). That is why some doctors in the U.S. who were prescribing it as a medication moved to Tijuana, Mexico, to avoid prosecution and to continue to successfully treat cancer patients using laetrile.

Never forget: Our rights do not come from any nation’s constitution or laws, but from the Creator, they are our God given rights to life, freedom and prosperity (see U.S. Declaration of Independence)  and all this can only come from having good health.  To download a PDF copy of this article click here.

I want to be healthy. Do you?


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DISCLAIMER: The videos and articles referenced above are the sole responsibility of their creators. I do not necessarily agree with, endorse or hold as a fact any or all information provided therein, nor is it intended as legal or medical advice. I am not a doctor, nor do I have any medical background; all statements are made based on my reading, viewing and interpretation of such materials as noted above. This information is made accessible to you here in order for you to consider it and come to your own findings of fact and conclusions, including those of law and to decide if MMS is right for you.   

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  • Seth


    Great Work, brother! Do you have this article available in Spanish. I would love to share it here in Costa Rica. Thank You. Peace, Love, and Pura Vida, Seth

    Great Work, brother! Do you have this article available in Spanish. I would love to share it here in Costa Rica. Thank You.
    Peace, Love, and Pura Vida,

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