There are three types of persons in this world:

- Those that have experienced the spiritual world
- Those that have not experienced it, but believe in it by faith; and
- Those that do not believe in it (regular visits to church notwithstanding)


I have been fortunate to be one of the ones that have experience it, on several occassions (most notably when I met famous clairvoyant Maria Moreno in Hollywood and again in Tijuana, Mexico in the early 70's). You can read her story in the book Ghosts Over Hollywood by Jess Stearns.

Trough those experiences I learned and confirmed that

 - A person will continue living after their mortal death
- These spirits are around us, at leats at certain times and most certainly when invoked
- These spirits can communicate with us, in particular through a true clairvoyant or through dreams and visions
- The future can be seen clearly through visions and drems (albeit, in dreams often in a more surreal manner)

Several years prior to my mother's passing, when she stayed a couple of days at my house, she inspired me to write a song that talks about my brother Pedro Octavio's death (oldests brother, died in a car accident at the age of 26).

Two months later I wrote a song which, based on my above experiences, tells what I would tell my loved ones if I were to die. The song is called Remember When. I invite you to watch its video below.

On the birthday anniversary of my mother, I dedicate this video to her and my brother Pedro, and to you and the loved ones you may have thought you lost.


May your day be filled with happiness and Hope.




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