It's not easy being human. Each one of us is unique, even if in minor things. When you add that into the equation it is easy to see why we have great friends and at the same time also have people we just can't stand.

In this human relationship, we are sometimes offended by others, and sometimes, we offend others. And sometimes, when we have made serious mistakes that we know are wrong and cause harm to ourselves and others, what we have done becomes an offense against ourselves and it hurts and it influences our lives.

If there is something we need so we can enjoy life to the fullest, with ourselves and others, it is to forgive others for what they have done to us, to ask for forgiveness from those we have done harm to, and maybe more importantly, to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have done.

After all, we are the most important thing in our individual lives and we want to live in peace and harmony. Nothing wrong with that, but always, always try to be a better human being, for everyone's sake.

I just finished producing a song about this, it's called Let's Make Amends. I hope you enjoy it; it's my first bilingual song.

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