Throughout life we learn things, we compare things, we come to conclusions and we form opinions.

When I say things I mean everything, so there are thousands of different things we have compared to others and seen how they may relate, or not, to each other.

In this busy life of survival and of trying to squeeze every possible second of our life to be (or at least feel) happy, we often set aside all these things that we know or believe to be true. We simply operate in remote control, ignoring some things that distract us from our present interest.

Sometimes it is only when we are by ourselves, nothing to do, no music on, relaxed, that we might actually seriously and deeply contemplate an issue to the full extent. And we should give ourselves the time for that.

Let's take government for example. Think for a second, what is government? Who created it in the first place? What does it represent? What is its purpose? Who does it represent?  Who accepted it? Who is against it and why, what rights do the govern have? And maybe ultimately, what does it do for me?

What a coincidence, I found a cartoon video of a person, like you and me, trying to explain to a space alien what government is. It takes you through an interesting analysis of the things we already know of what government really is.

Click Here: Explaining Government To An Alien

Enjoy the weekend

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