San Diego, California, what a beautiful city. If there is something I have come to enjoy while living here it is our climate, mostly warm and sunny with beautiful natural sunsets, except recently.

I remember when I was a teenager (you can subtract 40 years from today's date) I used to see contrails in the sky over Imperial Beach. Contrails are "a visible condensation of water droplets or ice crystals from the atmosphere, occurring in the wake of an aircraft" travelling at high altitudes. These would follow the jets maintaining a specific width and would disappear as the jet advanced over the horizon.

But that is not what I have seen for a while. Now what I see are these streaks of unnatural clouds that paint lines in the sky and then expand over large areas. Here is one photo I took last week in Chula Vista. If you pay close attention, it is not just two streaks, but multiple ones.


The next photos where taken in MIra Mesa today and my phone camera was unable to show all the other streaks and how they relate to each other.

What you see above are known as Chemtrails and they are not a natural occurence, they are man-made. As you can see, these are not thin like regular contrails, they apparently happen at lower altitudes and not only expand significantly with time but they stay visible for quite a while. I invite you to step outside and look at the sky and you will see this.

So if they are man-made and they are not the result of water condensation, then someone is spraying something. What is it? What health hazards do they represent? How are they affecting plant life? Considering that this phenomenon is happening all over the world in a greater extent in the last 10 years, who is paying for it? Who is authorizing and ordering it? And, why is it being done? Who benefits from it?

A group of people recently set out to answer all these questions and the apparent answer is shocking, to say the least. I invite you to watch their documentary. Click below.



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