At this stage, there is no sense in me trying to convince anyone that voting for either Obama or Romney will still be detrimental to all of us, in the things that matter most.

What I do hope is that those who are critical of the opposing party, that they be so only against those party's politicians, not the common man that is just trying to do what he/she believes is best for them and their country. They are not the same, people are looking for freedom and tranquility in their lives, the government is only looking for how to take that freedom away, so what we call the 1% can continue to exploit all of us.

One thing I do urge you to do is VOTE YES ON PROP 37, the Genetically Engineered Foods, Labeling initiative. If you are not familiar with GMO foods and their impact on your health, you need to research it.

Food that appears to be the foods our parents grew up eating are now genetically modified with genes of other species of all types, including changes to make them resistant to certain pesticides, and the research has shown them to cause cancer, mutations and other effects on test animals.

To make matters worse, the FDA (whose heads come from the new Pharma-Agriculural corporations making these products) has labeled these GMOs as similar to their original cousins and therefore do not require any testing to prove they are safe for human consumption.

By voting YES ON PROP 37 you are asking that all foods that contain GMO products, purely or as a combination, be labeled as such, so you will know what you are buying and can decide whether to consume it or not.

Here is just one of many videos you can find in YouTube on the subject:  

Bad Seed - Danger of Genetically Modified Food 

It is not a matter of whether it is dangerous or not, but simply a matter of principle that we have a right to know what we buy. Your choice - may be the disease and mutations of tomorrow.



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