Recently I have been writing several blogs/articles regarding MMS/CDS and the potential health benefits that these products provide.

In the blogs I mentioned how the pharma industry, through its enforcement arm, the government, in particular the CDC and FDA, has attacked those that promote and sell such products. Well, here is the latest for your reading pleasure or disgust: 

Daniel Smith, from Spokane, Washington, had a company that was selling MMS. In the last 5 years he has been consistently harassed by the FDA for selling MMS. At one point he sent the FDA a letter asking that they tell him if it was illegal to sell MMS and if so he would stop selling it. He never heard back from the FDA, so he continued to sell it. In the process he created an organization under which all persons wanting to buy MMS had to register as a member of an organization and community that believed that they had the God given/natural right to take any medication/substance that they believed would be good for their health, to no avail.

The FDA never responded to his letter/requests for clarification and over a year after not hearing from the FDA, he got raided and thrown in prison for selling MMS, He got out on bail. He was convicted on May 27th, 2015 and thrown again in prison, awaiting sentencing. He is facing 37 years in prison. No one has accused him of anything, including being ripped off for buying the MMS from him or suffering any health problems for using their product. 

This was Wednesday. Five days later I received an email from the company where I buy MMS/CDS advising that they will no longer be selling these products within a couple of weeks because of this turn of events and obviously their fear of prosecution (the FDA already contacted them advising that they either stop selling, or else. Not only will they stop selling MMS, they will stop selling all their other health products, so their business has been destroyed). 


This story is a repeat of what has happened with anyone promoting any none-pharmaceutical products for health, including cancer, even when there are thousands of patients that were cured by them and documentation to prove it (every time these “real” health providers are raided, all their records are confiscated, never returned and never allowed in court when these persons are prosecuted.

- In the early 60's medicals journals published that it was not true that vegetables and natural foods were good for you and could help with disease. By the end of the 60's they had no option but to recant due to all the evidence that natural nutrition (fruits, vegetables, etc.) could be good for your health and immune system.

- In the 30's/40's Raymond Royal Rife found a cure for cancer using sound/electronic waves. He was shut down, discredited, prosecuted for years and physically and morally destroyed. His cured patients were harassed into not testifying in favor of Rife in his trial. See

- In the 60's Harry Hoxsey had the biggest cancer clinic network in the world, curing people consistently. He was thrown in jail numerous times (about 100). Even two courts declared that he was indeed curing cancer, yet they destroyed him and his curing method disappeared (I heard they do use it in Tijuana, Mexico).

- In the 60's Laetrile (amygdalin, vitamin B-17) was banned in the US and those using it prosecuted, even though it was being successfully used to treat cancer.

- In the 70’s Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski from Texas discovered and successfully used a treatment to fight cancer using what he called antineoplastons. He was also prosecuted numerous times in the course of many years. In his case, with his proof and good attorneys representing him, he has not been jailed and has been allowed to continue – but only as clinical trials and he cannot treat anyone that has not received the orthodox cancer treatment/poison before he works on them (one of the big problems in establishing all the positive benefits of all these natural/humane treatments is that most patients only turn to them after they have gone through harsh therapies like chemo, at which point their body’s immune system is extremely compromised). In Dr. Bursynki’s case, the government approached his patients asking that they file claims against him, even though their treatment had worked.

The examples go on and one, for decades and yet the masses continue to believe that big pharma and their medications/system will cure them. Big pharma controls the curriculum at medical universities; the treatments offered at orthodox hospitals and also control the regulators of their products and treatments, such as the FDA and CDC, and everything your orthodox doctor recommends. They are not interested in curing you, only in hooking you to their drugs, regardless of the side effects, like those of chemotherapy.

When will everyone open their eyes to the farce? After they get cancer? This year about 564,800 Americans are expected to die of cancer—more than 1,500 people a day. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. One of every four deaths in the US is from cancer. Since 1990, there have been approximately 5 million cancer deaths.

It is a business model, with no moral foundation. And the sooner you understand this, spread the word and raise up, the sooner you chances of getting cancer will decrease, the sooner real natural, effective and safe medications, with no or minimal side effects will become available to you without fear of prosecution for those that prescribe it and those who use it.

Use your head, logically: Medications don't cure cancer, the human immune system cures cancer and disease. And when you use medication to cure you that disrupt, tax or destroy your immune system, like orthodox cancer treatments do, the medication is working against you.

Don't wait until you or a family member is in their dying bed, after going through horrible orthodox cancer treatments, before you start doing anything about it. I won't and refuse to do so. After all, I'm involved and write all these articles/blogs to help you, not to make you one more recurring customer.

As a note, as I have done all my research on this issue consistently I always find a positive reference to cancer treatments in Tijuana, Mexico and their successful treatments, many of which started in the US, but had to go to Mexico to practice it, like in the case of Laetrile. In particular, the clinic that is always mentioned is Dr. Ernesto Contreras' famous health clinic, now known as the Oasis of Hope, located in Playas de Tijuana. Here is their info, in case you are interested:

Think about it. View the videos, get involved to correct our current health crisis.