As I prepare for the release of my second CD, Tales of Humanity, I have accomplished a goal I always had of creating a video for each one of my songs. Today I finished my entire first CD, Café Peyote, in video form and it has been uploaded to a YouTube playlist.

I invite you to view and enjoy my Two New Releases, which completed CD1- Click on the links below to view: 

YOU DECIDE: Part 1: Good and Bad - Part 2: No Tolerance - Part 3: If Only I Could Draw. I dedicate this video to my niece Luisa Barajas, Lubaboop, for the artwork in CD1, as well as CD2, on which she is working on right now. 

EN MI MENTE SIEMPRE ESTANWhen I wrote this song it was the first time that I wrote the lyrics prior to having the music. I had decided to write a song about my life. To my surprise, I wrote the song in about 10 minutes, and while it started by talking about my childhood it soon was talking about my mother, followed by my oldest son, Ricardo Octavio. As always, Luis and Paco Elorza were able to capture the tender and emotional feeling of this song with their musical interpretation. My music is like a page on a coloring book, all I do is the outline, Paco and Luis are the color, the fuel in my songs. My deepest gratitude to them. 

To see the complete Cafe Peyote CD1 video playlist click here.

Remember to keep you agenda open for the evening of Wednesday September 16 @ 8:00 when I will release CD2 in a live concert (location: The Merrow, Hillcrest). Please join me and invite your friends.

Thank you for your continuing support.