What is the most important thing to you? Let me guess, your life and that of your family. The most important thing you need to have a good life is good health. Because of this, today I submitted a petition to the San Diego City Council requesting they investigate chemtrails in our area. The letter follows and is self-explanatory. Someone has to take action locally, might as well be me.

Dear City Council Member,

Today I officially submitted a petition to the San Diego City Council via your website requesting that it order the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) to investigate the spraying of possible harmful chemicals in the air by unknown sources, such spraying known as “chemtrails.”

Different from “contrails,” which are water vapor trails seen behind some airplanes at high altitude and which dissipate within seconds within the original vapor zone, Chemtrails are visible chemical trails sprayed at high altitudes that last for prolonged periods of time in the air, expanding exponentially until becoming a haze that then falls into the ground, homes, people, animals and vegetation and for which there is growing evidence that they are harming us and the environment around us (proven by soil sample testing). The APCD mission statement notes that,

“The San Diego County Air Pollution Control District strives to protect the public from the harmful effects of air pollution, achieve and maintain air quality standards, foster community involvement and develop and implement cost-effective programs meeting state and federal mandates, considering environmental and economic impacts.”

The above being true, the APCD is the qualified agency to investigate chemtrails that are consistently being seen in and around San Diego County. Although I am a resident of Chula Vista, I also visit many areas of San Diego and are exposed to such chemtrails within the city boundaries. I also get exposed to these chemtrails when they are sprayed in South San Diego and then disperse into Chula Vista, thus I have standing to request the San Diego City Council to investigate this important health matter.

There are many theories as to what these chemtrails contain,including possibly aluminum and barium and other known neurotoxins, something that definitely has to be investigated thoroughly at some point, but for now the important thing, and what I am requesting you and your council to do, is to have the APCD investigate the following:

1. Who is ordering the spraying

2. For what purpose

3. Who is doing the spraying

4. How are these chemicals being sprayed/what aircraft are being use and from what government agency, if any, or commercial source

5. What chemicals are being sprayed

6. What are the know health and environmental results/effects to human life from such spraying

7. Request that any involved governmental agency or commercial entity involved in the spraying of chemtrails turn over, under all local, state and federal Freedom of Information applicable rules, all information related to such spraying, such as written and electronic documentation and communications on the subject matter, manuals, guides, spraying reports, chemical purchase inventories, sprayed quantity inventories, etc.

I have many pictures of chemtrails I have photographed in San Diego and Imperial counties that I would be glad to share with you so you can see what you can clearly see if you just simply look at the sky. Although there are many sources in the internet like YouTube regarding this issue, here is a link from a Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting where the issue was brought up and where many professionals from different fields and residents voiced their concern and requested an investigation, the same that I am doing from you. The link is

Once this petition is granted and the APCD is asked to investigate I will be glad to attend one of your meetings where we can discuss the result of the investigation and to determine if there are other steps that might need to be taken. If the council does not proceed further then I will be coming to one of your meetings to verbally submit my request with all necessary documentation.

This is an issue that affects my family and yours. Please help me make sure that we and our children are not being harmed if such chemtrails spraying is taking place and it indeed contains toxic chemicals.

I hope you will help me get some answers by participating as necessary.






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