A couple of weeks ago I asked professor Noam Chomsky about a speech he gave, which I saw in YouTube, and I asked him to clarify why United States politicians, like the President, were immune from international prosecution from organizations such as the United Nations for genocide and crimes against humanity (need I tell you for which unjustified military actions I am referring to?), which is what I concluded from the speech. He replied as follows:

"Perhaps you are thinking of the fact that when the World Court
was established in 1946 (under US initiative), the US exempted itself from any
charges under international treaties, specifically the UN and OAS (Organization of American States) Charters.  Since then there has been a long series of enabling resolutions passed by the General Assembly, and international treaties.  The US rarely signs, and then with reservations, as detailed in the sources I mentioned to you (... in the current issue of the leading establishment journal, Foreign Affairs, for example)."

So, the United States doesn't have to play by the rules, but everyone else that signs such international agreements must - to their detriment!

As a Mexican, I can travel the world and everyone will ask me about the "sombrero" and the Margaritas. But don't tell them you are from the United States, else you will make many enemies in places where our country has made shambles of their governments and economies.

You read and hear American news, and we are heroes and liberators. You read and hear news in most other countries, we are ruthless aggressors!

Is this what we want the USA to represent? Personally, is this better for you and me, as "proud Americans?"

This is a strong message, sorry to interrupt your positive metal attitude. Goes with the territory, after all, you are reading Peyote News, a hallucination, in the case of war, of horrendous proportions.

Think about it. Maybe a little?


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