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In 2003 I wrote in my homepage the following:
There are only three types of persons in this world: those that don't believe in a spiritual life, those that do believe out of faith but have never experienced it, and those that believe because they have crossed that boundary.
Destiny was kind enough to bless me by giving me the opportunity to experience the certainty that life after death exists, which I experienced in various ways (see my Blog: Is Man Good Or Bad, footnote 23). However, while these experiences showed me that we continue to live after dying this carnal life and that we can communicate with those that have left this material world (which I will call herein "spirits"), they did not show me more than that: I don't know if there are distinct groups of spirits that join forces of good or evil and fight among themselves and with humans they might influence through spiritual experiences; if there is complete harmony between all these spirits, or if they reincarnate again as human beings, and of course, if they are eternal.
Not having that complete knowledge to understand the reality of spiritual life, all I can do is draw my own reasonable conclusions based on comparisons of historical religious and spiritual books, as well as evidence of experiences lived by myself and others, most of which are not scientifically (humanly, materially -- thus limited) proven.
In 2005 I wrote a song about my brother Pedro Octavio, the oldest in my family, a story of his death (he died at the age of 26 in a car accident), how we miss him and my hope of seeing him again; the song is called "My Brother Is Alive." A few months later I wrote another song, where I try to explain to my loved ones that even if I die, I will be OK and will always be with them. The video and song are titled "Remember When."
To close this loop on my beliefs about life after death, in 2009 I wrote the song "In Heaven" where I venture to explain what I believe happens to us after we die. Finally yesterday, and with the help of Luis and Paco Elorza, we have produced the song and I have recorded the video to summarize such personal beliefs.
Please join me in thinking about humanity's faith after we close our physical eyes, what we call Life. After all, if life is eternal, imagine the possibilities ...
Here is the link: IN HEAVEN
Enjoy, as life apparently will always go on!
Joint The Mailing List/Share

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