2012 Begins

So, how are we starting the year, this famous 2012? Let's see:

- On New Year's Eve President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that provides for the indefinite detention of Americans without charges or trial. He previously said that he disagreed with this feature of the bill but he put pressure on Congress to make sure it was included. Afterwards, he signed a statement stating that he disagreed with the above provision and that "he" would not enforce it. Then, why sign it? Who will?  Also think of this, if the government thinks they don't have to take you to court, and thus not provide you access to an attorney, then they don't need to even acknowledge that they have you in custody (torture) - so now Rendition can be used universally against any perceived enemy of the State.

- The NDAA is a companion to the new law that gives the President power to order the assassination of US citizens. A major news paper filed a Freedom of Information Act petition requesting that the government provide proof of  legal authorization to assassinate, anyone, but the request was denied.

- The government has refused to clarify how it is interpreting the Patriot Act provisions.

- President Obama signed into law an all-out trade war against Iran. Countries or corporations continuing to deal with Iran's central bank or oil industry will be barred from trading in American markets. Countries will have to choose between Iran and the US.

- The FBI wants to prosecute 'food activists' (those who expose unclean food-processing plants or inhumane livestock treatment) as terrorists.  Also, local police have been trained to believe that anyone stopped by them claiming any constitutional rights or mentioning the Common Law, should also be considered potential terrorist.

How are we starting the year? Not that good. For those that thought there was a difference between Bush/Republicans and Obama/Democrats, this should be an eye opener, as while both parties in appearance try to block each other's moves, on the things that are important to them (those really in power, via Congress), in particular taking away our freedoms so they can control us better and they can get away with what they want, they always act in a very bipartisan way. Remember, when the Democrats took over both houses, they did not stop the war in Iraq as they claimed they would. Here is the count for the NDAA:

  • 283 to 136 House of Representatives
  • 93 to 7 Senate

Of all the candidates we presently have running for president, only Congressman Ron Paul is against everything I mentioned above, here is the link so you can hear it from him:

Ron Paul on the National Defense Authorization Act

The core principles of America, represented in the Declaration of Independence, as well as those of the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement, in my view, can only be addressed and defended if we all rally behind Ron Paul. At least, I think so.

Let's Break The Chains And Occupy!


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