There are many things that divide us, like gender, race, color, religion, country, state, city, team, wealth, political affiliation, abortion, gun ownership and a host of things that supposedly define us, and from which we make our opinion as to who we think we are and what we believe in. This may be our primary problem as a race, as to our survival -- how we judge and treat others based on those differences.

Healthcare is one of these things that keep us apart. The main arguments in the healthcare debate are that healthcare is too expensive and that the insurance companies use pre-existing conditions to abuse its subscribers by either limiting or denying services. How expensive something is, is a matter of opinion, based on how much you are worth financially. Both problems have to do with your ability to pay for part or all of the medical services provided.

The other argument associated with healthcare is that which states that everyone is entitled to healthcare, and whether the government should pay for part or all of it, and in some instances, to which types of persons to provide those services, poor, middle class, etc. From a moral side, we all should wish the best to our fellow man and therefore wish that everyone will have the means to paying for any medical services that they may need in the future, including cancer treatment (future article).

So in essence, when it comes to our health and healthcare, the important thing is having the money to pay. What if we are paying taxes for the healthcare system, as well as for many other social services that cover everyone, isn’t that taking away from our money, the money we need to pay for our necessities or luxuries, to ensure that we can easily pay for those medical services without putting the rest of our financial house in jeopardy? That is what I think is the problem with welfare-like programs, they take away what is rightfully ours, what we work hard to earn, to give to others.

Yes, it would be perfect to have enough to share with all, but most of us don’t. And the reality is – we have to take care of ourselves and our loved ones first, before we can help others – it’s simply the law of survival. If all that money was not taken away from us involuntarily, directly or indirectly in the form of some sort of taxation, then we could use that extra money as we wish: those that want to and can be generous to others can help different causes, and those that don’t, well, maybe it is morally wrong, but it is their right to not share if they so decide, or if they simply can’t.

We have been convinced to believe that we have to share our wealth with others; and that the collector and distributor of our wealth should be the government. Are we wards of the government? And who decides what the government will do with our money? Is it the politicians, or all those behind them, like lobbyist (and more importantly, those behind the lobbyist)? Or have you not been reading the news in recent months, years. Instead of cheering for programs that take away from most to give to others (which often is wasted in unnecessary government programs – and obviously not affecting the 1% ruling elite), what we should be looking for is for ways to get all that illegal taxation out of our lives, in all its forms (see America: Freedom to Fascism, by Aaron Russo).

The idea of taxation obviously existed since early days and a few times it is justified and some are authorized under the Constitution, but gradual taxation on the natural born human being (as opposed to a corporate entity) is something beyond that, it takes us back to Marx. In America, it takes us back to the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution and to the New Deal reforms of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The solution to healthcare reform is easy. Government, our supposed Protector (as a friend said, people love their slavery), has full authority over corporations for one simple fact: it created them. Corporations are nothing more than fictitious entities that can be regulated by its creator up to and including its destruction. As a Supreme Court case proclaimed, The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy (McCulloch v. Maryland, 17 U.S. 316 [1819] – Note: don’t let the year fool you, law is based on precedent – all based on the Common Law).

There is no need for a 1,00 page legislative package to fix healthcare, the only thing that the House and Congress need to pass, and the President sign, is a bill that simply states: All medical insurance carriers will (a) cover all medical treatment and associated expenses related to any covered individual, regardless of whether such treatment is preventative or reactive in nature, and (b) no pre-existing conditions will be used to (1) decline, (2) limit or (3) cancel the coverage of any existing policy holder or subscribing individual, and (c) the cost of coverage for individuals with such pre-existing conditions will be the same as compared to other policy holders with no such conditions. What could make things better? Another law, regulating the medical establishment, to read as follows: All medical providers will (a) recommend and provide medical services to individuals that are reasonable, as natural and as less intrusive as possible; (b) refrain from ordering unnecessary testing, and (c) will be proactive in the prevention of disease. All pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and distributing corporations will be fully liable for all injury resulting from the usage of any of its products.

Where evidence exists that information regarding such products’ harmful effects have been withheld from the public or regulating government agency, all individuals involved in such cover-up, including government personnel, will be guilty of intended harm to users and will face where proven, in the case of related user’s physical or mental harm, up to and including death, criminal prosecution for such injury, up to and including murder. Having medical providers choose the best diagnostic systems to use, like MRIs, or which treatment to prescribe, for example between chemotherapy or Laetrile, would be difficult because all doctors go to medical school, and their educational curriculum is highly controlled and manipulated by big pharma (read World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17, by G. Edward Griffin). So even the most well intentioned doctors prescribe treatments that often are harmful and have terrible, even deadly side effects, and they do so because big pharma is telling them that only their medications will cure people, not natural things, such as vitamin C, which cannot be patented and sold at unreasonable prices (for example, all the recommendations they give us regarding protecting ourselves against the flu is to taking the vaccine and washing your hands, etc., but nothing about taking any natural product to fortify our immune system, precisely what vitamin C apparently can do).

Let’s stop giving government all our hard earn money so that they can spend it as unwisely (and corruptly) as they want – like they are doing right now. Demand simple solutions, including the elimination of constitutionally unauthorized taxes. We don’t need to create, but to eliminate welfare programs. We did not have them in our nation before, when we were not so dependent on all the harmful medications that they are convincing us to put in our bodies, including vaccines (some great videos below on this issue). In the end, it all relates to how free we really are, and if we really have a right to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, without harming others, of course. Don’t get lost in the clutter of secondary issues, freedom should be our focus: Everything else, including healthcare, is a mere distraction to continue the division among ourselves, distracting us, so that those that are pulling the strings of governments can further their plans for global control. I’m sorry I have to say it.

My statement might seem extreme. I would prefer telling you that all is well, but we just can’t continue simply hoping for the best as we see our economy, our health and our wealth decline and our tax obligations increase – all by design. I encourage you to see all the videos in my web page, Our World section – see for yourself!


Ricardo January 11, 2010 @12:34 pm
The answer to your question is in the original article, create laws requiring this. I even noted the language I would include in such legislation (what comes out of the House or Congress is not law, only a court of competent jurisdiction can declare what the law is for any particular action). It’s that simple. By the way, an Associated Press article that appeared in the SD Union last week states that there is a loophole in the proposed legislation that allows employers to raise rates on customers based on their weight and blood sugar. They can make things better for us – or worse.
Bob Vasquez January 11, 2010 @08:03 am
There is much to respond to and not enough time so I'll focus on one comment, viz., "the suggestion was to make these companies provide care without regard to pre-existing conditions". So, my question is just how do you make these companies provide care without regard to pre-existing conditions? We are witnessing one approach that is currently being done by the House and Senate; what is Peyote's approach? Specifically. I find it easy to criticize so I always ask myself how would I do it better and that's what I asking of Peyote.
Ricardo December 12, 2009 @03:59 pm
Here is my reply to some of your email comments: I was reminded of how expensive healthcare can be if you were to look for it on your own, and I agree, but remember that the suggestion was to make these companies provide care without regard to pre-existing conditions, among other things, so this would apply to plans inside and outside of work, so I believe that our smart choices in getting the best plans would control prices. And also, do we really need health insurance every single day of our lives? Under the plans in consideration it includes mandatory coverage. It wasn’t like that when I was growing up; and we may be focusing on getting sick and going to the doctor/hospital instead of eating right and finding natural products to avoid getting sick in the first place, as well as to cure the illness. We are after all a society that looks for a pill to cure everything without any effort on our part. Speaking of natural cures, I just found a very interesting article on vitamin C that you must see ( And to show that the agencies that are supposed to protect us are really working against us, and in this case protecting big pharma, consider this: The FDA recently sent a warning letter to Procter & Gamble telling them that two of their products (one being Vicks DayQuil Plus Vitamin C) cannot mention vitamin C as one of the ingredients that helps with colds and flu because there is “insufficient data” to show that vitamin C is safe and effective at preventing or treating the common cold. But just read the above article!). Here is a great site for vitamin C, Imagine the significance of such claims, if they were true. As to my views on eliminating welfare programs, one person noted how expensive school would be for our children if there were no public schools. I never said anything about eliminating schools; that can easily continue to be funded by existing and authorized taxes, that is not the type of welfare programs I was referring to. And if you think that public schools are there to make your kids smarter, so they can think on their own (critical thinking), I completely disagree – look at this comical but sincere video in which George Carlin addresses what public education is really all about ( Finally, if you want to help others, you are welcome to do so. Not everyone can, though. And when we help, let’s not do it because we will be receive blessings from the Lord/Karma (and I believe in that), but simply to make things better for others – that is what I am trying to do with my newsletters, help you see what I consider to be misconceptions that have been surgically (often subliminally) implanted in our minds. Let’s help all the people that we can – but let us not be forced to do it, especially when it helps someone else’s agenda of control and manipulation. I want to add one more thing on the vaccine side, if you happen to see a spike on swine flu infections, don’t be surprised, the first vaccines that were made available were the spray version, and it contains the live virus. How dangerous can that be? The instructions state that healthcare workers that got it and are working with weak patients should not go to work for three weeks after getting the shot to avoid giving the flu to their patients. Is that so? How about the kids at school that got the vaccine? Are they infecting their other classmates? Something to think about. Click to see the video.

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